Justin Wren: 'more Viking' than Brock Lesnar

by Justin Wren | source: The Underground

This is more Viking than poser Brock Lesnar

Shall I say it? Yes... I shall.

One had a beard for a month... The other was the only student with his own razor at middle school.

One was clean shaven for over 30 years... The other hasn't shaved once since high school (5 1/2 years)

One shoots a deer from HUNDREDS of yards away... and carries it out.

The others FIRST hunt he used only a 3 inch knife, chased down hog, flipped it to it's back, ripped out it's heart, and carried out the "Brock" sized hog over a 1,000 yards out through heavy brush, creek beds, cactus, 2 & 1/2 weeks after back surgery.


One of us eats deer sausage after a guided weekend trip...

The other feast on 5 of the 6 hog hearts he got in three hours... Notice the holes in the heart of one from the knife.


BTW... One of the above would be called a "Yuppie Vike" by the Hoard.

One of us may or may not like to bleed...

The other takes blood baths!



One goes to Canada for Yuppie Viking deer hunts...

The other has Canadian Wolf pelts on his going out wardrobe.


Just a little comparison of Viking-ness! I do have the utmost respect for Brock and his accomplishments, talent, and God given ability.

I had a blast going hunting for the first time ever! It was nuts taking down boars from the hind legs, flipping em over, going to knee on belly (for u jitz guys), then grabbing its front leg and ripping it open under its right leg, having a waterfall of steaming hot blood pour over your hand and arm... seeing it's beating heart... stabbing it, blood spewing on your face... and then ripping out the heart as it continues to beat in your hand for around a minute or so! I can now say I stepped into Viking Manhood fully!

Brand new website up at www.justinthevikingwren.com

Love the UG! Thanks so much for all the support you guys have always shown me! You crazy dudes are most of the time awesome.

Hopefully I will be fighting soon! I tested my back after surgery with this hog hunt and I am about to be back to training for the first time since july! Thank goodness. Again... I appreciate all the support! I shoulda had surgery before TUF :-) I am hoping this really did the trick!

read entire thread...

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Tenor still 10ing site profile image  

3/30/11 10:38 PM by Tenor still 10ing

Boar are not native to the United States. They are European, and are very destructive to our natural environments.In fact, in the Great Smoky Mts the Park Service actively traps and kills all the boars they can find.Boars are having a highly negative impact on the Park. They kill everything they can catch, eat rare flowers and plants, and root up the soil. Boars are driving some species to extinction here. Nothing here has evolved to deal with boars. They breed so fast and eat anything and are active year round.So, I have zero sympathy for PETA in this regard. If you love your National Parks, you cannot like boars.Simple as that.

Edelweiss site profile image  

3/30/11 9:50 PM by Edelweiss

I agree, but watch out for the PETA crew that roams around here. They'd stab a human baby to death to save one of these vicious hogs.

Tenor still 10ing site profile image  

3/30/11 6:44 PM by Tenor still 10ing

No problem, man. Happy to help. These vikings are some crazy SOB's aren't they? I have encountered many wild boar in the Great Smoky Mountains and in Florida, and I cannot imagine tackling one of those big, strong bastards with only a knife.I have been told by rangers they have seen boar chase black bears off carrion.Nuts.

Edelweiss site profile image  

3/30/11 6:05 PM by Edelweiss

Tenor, thanks for the thread buddy. I appreciate the help.

Tenor still 10ing site profile image  

3/30/11 2:50 PM by Tenor still 10ing

"mouthbreathing children" "giving me advice""If you go to college":)It's true I have a difficult time taking internet forums seriously, and for me forums will never rise above simply being a passive amusement.In the context of a vigorous, exciting, and full life why would a forum ever be anything more than that? Only if, in some sad and pathetic way, the forum fills a void in your life should the opposite ever be true.Good day to you, too.

jjj2121 site profile image  

3/30/11 2:38 PM by jjj2121

 I will give you this last piece of advice, Mr. Tenor.  If you go to college and do well (work on counting dates on a calendar to estimate time periods, that seems to be a weak point for you at this moment), one day you will have a job where you get paid too much for a workload you can manage rather easily and still have time to play with the mouthbreathing children on the UG such as yourself. I don't need to believe you are anything, the quality of your posts here have told me pretty much all I need or care to know. Good day, and good luck, Tenor Still 10ing.

Tenor still 10ing site profile image  

3/30/11 2:34 PM by Tenor still 10ing

That cubicle job must suck. Your work responsibilities must be quite impressive if you are able to post on forums all day :)It seems you have a very strong need to believe I am "Dorito licking keyboard warrior". I wonder why?You know, instead of wasting your life on forums, I would suggest you go to college so you can escape that minimum-wage job answering the phones in that tiny corporate cubicle.But I bet you have hit your career high already, so what the hell.

jjj2121 site profile image  

3/30/11 2:16 PM by jjj2121

 I guessed on the other thread you were 16, seems I shot a little high. Who mad at you?  Nobody bought your FRAT trolls to begin with. You do seem very intelligent, nice math skills deducing that I've been here for a year.  I post from work little buddy, I'm getting paid to talk to Dorito licking keyboard warriors such as yourself.

Tenor still 10ing site profile image  

3/30/11 2:14 PM by Tenor still 10ing

When I graduate high school in a few years I will buy a blue then. Okay?Are you gonna be mad at me forever? I can't live with that.....It is simply astonishing you are stalking me....do you not have a life at all?With 12,000 posts in a year it seems the question is answered easily enough.....Oh, and where is your grand? :) You don't even have a grand to your name......

jjj2121 site profile image  

3/30/11 2:10 PM by jjj2121

 Please, bullshitting chumps like you are a dime a dozen kid.  Take a look around this board for proof of that.