Fernando Vargas: Nick Diaz box me? He's not even in the UFC

source: sports.espn.go.com

After a three-year hiatus, former world champion Fernando Vargas will return to the boxing ring in 2011.

"It's unofficial, but my wife says I got on the scale and it said 270. I don't believe her, but I was definitely up there. I started seeing pictures of myself and said, 'Man. Where's my chin? My pants don't fit anymore. What the hell happened?'"

A comeback fight with  super middleweight Henry Buchanan on April 16 at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas is still three months away, but that hasn't stopped Vargas from contemplating what his next challenge could be.

This week, Nick Diaz mentioned he'd like a professional boxing match and named Vargas as a potential opponent.

"Right now, I'm thinking about [Buchanan]," Vargas said. "But listen, there's another guy that's been opening his mouth that's in MMA -- and that's Nick Diaz.

"He's been calling me out saying he wants to fight me. I'm like, 'Who is this guy? You're not an elite mixed martial artist. You're not even in the UFC.' That's definitely a fight that interests me. He got my attention."

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pulsar site profile image  

1/31/11 7:00 PM by pulsar

Vargas is a toss, even compared to nick. War Nick!

1BL0Wko site profile image  

1/31/11 6:40 PM by 1BL0Wko

diaz would smash vargas.ttt

Splandman site profile image  

1/31/11 5:39 PM by Splandman

 This would be ridiculous. Mayorga does not have respect for anyone and would truly get Nick riled up. Vargas may talk some smack but Mayorga gets very personal. Talking about peoples family and all.

Splandman site profile image  

1/31/11 5:39 PM by Splandman

Double post again, don't know what's wrong with my browser. Never had a problem before.

MrHenson site profile image  

1/31/11 4:53 PM by MrHenson

 168 lbs?? every single fat ass overweight outta shape pro boxer still has diaz beat in the speed department vargas would hit him with 4punch combos all night and win by TKO before nick even realized what was happening. 

mikedudikoff site profile image  

1/31/11 4:49 PM by mikedudikoff

I'd love to see them in a pure boxing match. Vargas would beat the shit out of him and have him on his ass by the 3rd round.

FreeCandy site profile image  

1/31/11 4:38 PM by FreeCandy

thats just what i remember hearing in interviews. i do not know how often they train together. Diaz also said he has problem with boxing guys coming in to train becus they cannot keep up with him. they take days off to rest, cant do the rounds he needs etc.. i dont know this as fact ..just from interviews ..

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

1/31/11 1:55 PM by Ramon Maroni

Straight up boxing Vargas kills Diaz

microMx site profile image  

1/31/11 1:52 PM by microMx

lol I can't imagine the amount of trash talk if they get to fight mayorga

Slipperypescado site profile image  

1/31/11 1:10 PM by Slipperypescado

 LOL. Andre Ward is NOT his sparring partner. Sometimes Diaz is Andre Wards sparring partner. Does that mean he is at that level? No, sometimes you just need a warm up first. Depends what stage of sparring. Daiz is not the chief sparring parnter for Ward though. That is a fact. If the fight happens  it will be determined by Fernando not by Diaz on how it will  play out.