Irvin on hopes of UFC return, drug rehab


Dana White was complimentary of you after you were cut from the UFC. Have you been or are you still in contact with anyone from the Zuffa organization?

I've been cut three times and Dana has always wanted to have me back. Right now I'm able to work on my wrestling and get everything tuned just right before I make another run to the top...I'm going to stay in Gladiator Challenge for the next year and fill stadiums. Everyone always says "This is my year." This year is not my year, it's my time to get better. In 2012 I'll have my breakout fight and go undefeated which will set me up for a return to the UFC in 2013. My goal is to be a contender in the title mix with top guys like Forrest and Shogun. In the end, I am going to crack the Top 10 in the UFC.

You've admitted to being addicted to prescription painkillers in the past. How did you win the battle over addiction?

Yes sir. Rehab. I went to rehab. I didn't have to go, I took myself in. After the Thiago Silva fight I jacked my knee up and that's when I got into the painkillers. My dad committed suicide when I was a kid and my mom couldn't always stay clean, but I was an athlete and didn't get into drugs...until I was in my twenties. When the first thing a doctor says to you is "Can I get an autograph?" it's pretty easy to get any drugs you want. But now, anytime I need pain pills to train or fight, then I just don't train or fight. I just thank God for a second chance. Rehab was the best thirty days of my life.

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whoabro site profile image  

2/4/11 9:06 AM by whoabro

irvin always seemed like a good guy, wish him the best

CagePotato site profile image  

2/4/11 8:46 AM by CagePotato

Chris_G site profile image  

2/3/11 4:50 PM by Chris_G

 Good for him! But is 30 days in rehab going to really fix an addict?  I don't know much about drug dependancy but I can't imagine 30 days does the trick. I wish J I all the best and hope he has good people around to help him through.

nofatchicks site profile image  

2/3/11 2:40 PM by nofatchicks

I wish him the best. I think he has the potential to be a really exciting and top level fighter. I've never understood why he comes out at the begining of fights so lackadaisical. He kind of holds his hands like he's sparring or goofing around before training. He never (that I can recall) came out looking serious and ready to fight. he dug himself out of some of the holes, but I always felt his less than stellar UFC career was in large part, mental. Much respect to him though.


2/3/11 2:38 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 Hope he also works on his standup defense......

Flynndiddy site profile image  

2/3/11 2:34 PM by Flynndiddy

Hope he makes a comeback and hope he has worked on his ground game.

xXLINDEXx site profile image  

2/3/11 1:44 PM by xXLINDEXx

"Beating the brakes off this fool" - I know mike pretty well, and he tells a completely different story. I would love to see the video.

GriffinQ site profile image  

2/3/11 1:42 PM by GriffinQ

 Didn't really shit talk him(imo), I think his anger was more directed at Ken

Body Shots site profile image  

2/3/11 1:40 PM by Body Shots

Always been a fan and hope everything works out for the Sandman