Cage floor cooks foot in Colorado


The Arena Cage Floor
Jamie Addie of Denver's Fight to Win promotions

"It's more of a music venue. (The arena) required that they use a certain staging company to do the lighting and all that. We actually own all our own lighting – LED lights and all that, so they don't get too hot – but we had no choice. They used the good old-fashioned cam lighting, and it was a bit of overkill."

"It was gross, man. I've seen a thousand fights and many different situations, but I've never seen that in my life."

"It was unfortunate. But one thing I can say is that Justin Salas is a tough, tough kid. He didn't hesitate and didn't say a word about it. He kept fighting and came out with a victory over a UFC vet. I was really impressed. He's someone who could go a long way in this sport."

The Corner
Grudge Training Center owner Trevor Wittman

"He never mentioned it. I could tell he was having problems with his footwork and he wasn't doing what I'd seen him do in the gym ... I was like, man, what's going on? But he never said a word during the fight. That kid's so tough, man."

The Fighter
Jason Salas, taking on UFC vet Rob Emerson

"I wanted to work my combos and move to the right, away from his power. I tried to get that angle there on the corner, on my right, but I was having a tough time because of my right foot, which is the foot I pivot off of. I noticed I wasn't able to pivot on it and a kind of panic set in. I was slipping and it just wasn't working, but I didn't know why at first."

"It wasn't like touching a burner hot, but it was uncomfortably hot. I think it softened up the calluses on my foot and blistered it a bit, and then it just ripped off down to the middle of my foot."

"I was just trying not to think about it. I was running on adrenaline, so it hurt a lot worse after, but at the time I was just trying to zone in on the fight."

"I knew my foot was hurting, but I was thinking that I didn't want to make any excuses or give any reason to quit. It's like, if I start telling my coaches that my foot's hurting then it's like a built-in excuse for myself, and I didn't want that. I just tried to stay in the zone and push through it. Even if your game plan is kind of messed up by it, you've got to find a way to win, because this was a big fight for me."

The Foot
Jason Salas

The Last Word
Jason Salas

"It was kind of a bad deal, but in a roundabout way it probably got me more exposure than I would have otherwise. Between the pictures that they got of it and me getting the win, getting a unanimous decision and looking dominant, it was actually kind of a blessing."

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Recent Comments »

LeisterBowlingIII site profile image  

2/16/11 11:00 AM by LeisterBowlingIII

It wasn't Sven's show or even Ring of Fire related. Everything is taken care of and Justin is happy and would fight for the promoter again.

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

2/16/11 10:39 AM by PJ Benn Fan

I hope you offered to pay for any and all medicines/antibiotics so it can heal properly?  

LeisterBowlingIII site profile image  

2/16/11 10:36 AM by LeisterBowlingIII

I was in Salas's corner and the fact that he didn't say a word about it until after the fight is still crazy to me. The promoter tried to use his own LED lighting that he uses on every show, but the venue wouldn't let him. He felt terrible that it happened and I am sure if there are ever fights at that venue again alternative lighting will be used. We had a few fighters on the card and it was extremely hot under the lights, but nothing that anyone thought would cause any harm. The mats felt sticky to us because they were so hot. A few of the fighters we had on the show commented on how hot the mat was on their feet. Fortunately Justin got the win and everything was ok. He is already back to training.

Kirik site profile image  

2/16/11 10:30 AM by Kirik

 I have reffed under TV lights, and have had the mat get warm. I have felt cooked by the end of the night, doing a dozen matches or so. The guy's foot falling  off is horrible. The guy winning that way is just amazing.

Mr Generic site profile image  

2/16/11 10:27 AM by Mr Generic

This... The explanation just isn't plausible at all. It was something else.

jjj2121 site profile image  

2/16/11 10:21 AM by jjj2121

The fact that it was not on purpose doesn't mean it's acceptable. That's bullshit.  

jkkazmier site profile image  

2/16/11 10:15 AM by jkkazmier

legit lmao

Sobnosky Promotion site profile image  

2/16/11 9:38 AM by Sobnosky Promotion

Really man, like it was on purpose. After really thinking about this, I'm certain there was a compensating factor such as "tender feet" or a blister already formed. Moving forward at that venue, we will use less lighting (as we have to use their lights and not our own) and turn them off during intermission.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

2/16/11 8:11 AM by WRESTLENOW

quoted in case of edit

SoccerkickrevivaL site profile image  

2/16/11 12:53 AM by SoccerkickrevivaL

 But yeah, Salas is tough as shit for fighting through that sick shit.  What I do know is, typically, a show or concert lighting consists of a lot of smaller lamps hanging from a rack not a few big lamps (like 2k's.)  The big lamps wouldn't be aimed at the stage directly anyway. You would use the bigger lights to highlight areas off stage because they are so big and bulky that you wouldn't want them in the shots you're filming. Not to mention the cameramen/photographers would have to navigate around them while getting new shots from cage side.  Edit: for "a show"