Barnett: If (Dana White) wants, I can come pee in his mouth


“I’ll definitely pass the test. Dana White’s stature has changed quite a bit from a boxercise instructor. I’d be interested to see Dana White pass some drug tests. I’ll pass every test. I’ve already passed tests since then; I’ve passed tests before then. If (Dana) wants I can come pee in his mouth and he can tell me if he tastes any Danabol or anything like that. He might swing that way you never know. He’s so manly and hetero, maybe he wants to get real Spartan about things.”

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JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

2/25/11 1:59 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Dana bought steroids from me a long time ago to give him that extra something. To fill out his Tokyo Five shirts. To be more BLAF. Oh, Dana WHITE. Sorry. I sold to Dana Whyte. With a Y. DIFFERENT guy.

bryanand site profile image  

2/25/11 1:45 PM by bryanand

"In a cynically engineered publicity stunt? Yes."Oh, He should have given 100 million to Newark, NJ

edock02 site profile image  

2/25/11 4:36 AM by edock02

i dont think he should reply to the douche.

Jambo888 site profile image  

2/25/11 4:30 AM by Jambo888

since its no big deal, dana should just clear the air on the issue and say what he does

ViciousCesar site profile image  

2/25/11 4:15 AM by ViciousCesar


Shiloh site profile image  

2/25/11 2:47 AM by Shiloh

LOL awesome

CharlieMMAFAN site profile image  

2/25/11 2:30 AM by CharlieMMAFAN

Shiloh why is my post terrible dude?? I see you been a member in here since 2001, CONGRATULATIONS, does that mean you actually know something about the sport and know Dana White??

CharlieMMAFAN site profile image  

2/25/11 2:28 AM by CharlieMMAFAN

Shiloh how long you watch MMA/UFC for dude?? do you even pay attention to all of Dana White's insults and shit talking or not?? or your just a big fan of his huh?? I CAN'T STAND THE GUY!

CharlieMMAFAN site profile image  

2/25/11 2:26 AM by CharlieMMAFAN

I AGREE WITH YOU that you shouldn't give a shit if Dana is on steroids or not, I was just trying to point out WHY Josh would say that and why are you guys criticizing my post?? you LOVE Dana White huh?? you're UFC nut huggers and big time ZUFFA ZOMBIES huh?? I FIGURED, whatever!!

Shiloh site profile image  

2/25/11 1:49 AM by Shiloh

Like a terrible combo move?