Dana White responds to Fukuda robbery

source: twitter.com

Judges fucking suck again!! Fukuda got robbed!!!

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According to compustrike:
"Fukuda had a 26-11 edge in power strikes landed and had 5 take downs."

The judges were  Evan Bzadough, Sal D'Amato, Paul Sutherland.

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Tomato Can site profile image  

2/28/11 12:02 PM by Tomato Can

I had every round for Fukuda. Ring had leg kicks and that was it. Fukuda landed the better shots to the head and body, and was the superior grappler.

Crocop'sLeftLeg site profile image  

2/28/11 11:56 AM by Crocop'sLeftLeg

worst judging? naaah. more like worst commentary.

SportSharpener site profile image  

2/28/11 10:08 AM by SportSharpener


Cryptic site profile image  

2/28/11 6:43 AM by Cryptic

sudo vs. ludwig was one of the biggest robbery bullshit decisions I've ever seen

Code 206 site profile image  

2/28/11 6:37 AM by Code 206

I think it was a poor decision. Ring did a good job of getting back on his feet but Ring never really hurt Fukuda. 1st round Ring2nd round either slightly Fukuda or split3rd round Fukuka all the way. Fukuda put in workI think a draw would have more appropriate and manly. Too bad this fight was only 3x5. I can't tell you how many fights I watch where 3 rounds just isn't enough time.

WarBJPenn site profile image  

2/28/11 5:56 AM by WarBJPenn

Hamill/Bisping was bad as well.

Wasa-B site profile image  

2/28/11 2:45 AM by Wasa-B

Ring/Fukuda.Bisping/Hamill.Which of the above fighters is Aussie?

WarBJPenn site profile image  

2/28/11 2:21 AM by WarBJPenn

Seems like the Aussie judges were biased for the aussie fighters.Same shit happened in the hamill-bisping fight.

INDK site profile image  

2/28/11 2:16 AM by INDK

So dana says they suck, when he's the one who brought in two judges to the event. Cool.

Wasa-B site profile image  

2/28/11 2:12 AM by Wasa-B

Actually, if i remember the poll, i think it was slightly in favour for Sexy.