Kennedy: Manhoef much easier fight than Mayhem

by Garv | source:

It’s a much easier fight.  Melvin is super dangerous.  I’m not looking past him.  I know that he knocks out everybody he fights, but in the full MMA package he doesn’t have all the tools to really be successful.   Some people have laid out some ground work—ground work, no pun intended—on how to beat him, as  long as you stick to that blueprint.

Mayhem.html">read entire interview...

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jjj2121 site profile image  

3/6/11 11:40 AM by jjj2121

 Not like it is a big secret at this point. LOL at Kennedy's prefight bluster that he was excited to fight Manhoef because Manhoef "would stand and bang with him".  Kennedy by sub in the first was the easiest pick of the night.

Bry Bry site profile image  

3/6/11 11:38 AM by Bry Bry

^yep, still say that manhoef is one of the most exciting fighters in mma..ill always be a fan of his..

TheGARV site profile image  

3/6/11 10:07 AM by TheGARV

 Looks like Kennedy knew the right game plan.

Bry Bry site profile image  

3/5/11 6:28 PM by Bry Bry

Manhoef is a much more dangerous oppt than Mayhem in that he can end the fight in a split second wheras mayhem cant..Mayhem is a much more well rounded mma fighter so overall he is harder to beat than manhoef...but Kennedy better not stay on his feet longer than 10 seconds if he wants to win... Manhoef is one of the most dangerous guys to fight in mma...u dont gain much even if you do beat him and beating him is no easy task..

Peckerwood site profile image  

3/5/11 5:38 PM by Peckerwood

Manheoff is a much easier fight than Mayhem. Melvin has no ground game.

TheGARV site profile image  

3/5/11 4:57 PM by TheGARV


KahL site profile image  

3/4/11 3:57 PM by KahL

 Kennedy is serious biznass. This fight is going to be good.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

3/4/11 3:55 PM by UltraMagnus

I see a KO coming.....

kanodogg site profile image  

3/4/11 3:40 PM by kanodogg

That's gonna make him look mighty foolish if he gets caught