Elvis Sinosic: 'The old guard is gone'

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The old guard is gone...

From: Elvis
Member Since: 1/1/01
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The old guard have been surpassed, the new generation have arrived and they bigger and better. The greats of old, Fedor, Nog, Shogun, Cro Cop, Wand and so forth have been replaced. Though the old guard may in some cases remain competitive it seems the new generation of fighters have stepped up to the plate, Cain, Bones, GSP and so forth... and there are more coming...


From: Elvis
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 18541

It doesn't change what these guys achieved in their time... It's just now another time... as everyone says... it will happen again... I don't think it's all age as a few of the old guard guys are not even close to out of their prime. It's just a new generation of fighters with the knowlege and experience of the old guard applied to the training of today and greater atheletes.

I think Anderson is a generation crossover. He's part of the old guard while also being part of the new guard. He's kind of in the middle. But as with anything, his time will come.



From: Elvis
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 18542
Look I'm saddened but excited, saddened because I watched and was a part of the old generation. These guys put everything in place. But I'm excited because of what these guys will bring. They will (hopefully) have more depth and bring greater excitement to the arena. I'm just glad to be here to have seen the old guard and now getting to see the change over. It is an exciting time.

There are also some guys who were "part" of the old guard, but only started to develop with or just prior to the new guard, guys like Anderson, GSP, Werdum,  and so on, some will make and it and some won't.

I'm just glad to be here to see it happen.



From: Elvis
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 18543
I also think Shogun is part of the cross over... he really started to develop at the end of Pride... but he's sustained too many injuries and because of this has been inconsistent with his results (and most likely his training). With Shogun, I think he could be part of the new guard, but it seems like he trains like the old guard and because of that may be caught up with them.


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ssj site profile image  

4/22/13 7:00 AM by ssj

FEDOR could still rule the HW Division with an iron fist

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

4/22/13 6:19 AM by Jons Forsberg

people were very quick to jump in the Lesnar / Carwin bandwago, look who's at the top now: Cain, JDS and Cormier, all around 240 or less.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

4/22/13 5:51 AM by Proteus The Invincible

I think it's interesting to see how much the "bigger and better" hype in the heavyweight division has died since this thread was created. The arguable best three fighters in the division today usually weigh in at 240 pounds or less, and two of those three even then carry a significant amount of excess weight. Their overall builds are quite reminiscent of Fedor's, him being the greatest of all the heavyweights.With a list of the division's most outstanding all-time competitors consisting of guys like Cro Cop, Cain, Big Nog, Fedor, Cormier and Junior, it's interesting that so many of them are smaller heavyweights, and not all exceptionally large people like Lesnar, Carwin, Bigfoot and Overeem. You could even make the argument that most of the greatest heavyweights of all time are on the small side.

kingkoopa site profile image  

4/21/13 11:55 PM by kingkoopa

mehThe game itself has changed. the way it was before guys actually fought and went at it.mma has become too "americanized" and thus sodomized. in the past when guys fought for and with honor they fought to finish. nowadays guys fight to win bigger paydays. cant really blame them but to compare the old guard to the new guard is to compare apples and oranges.if the fighting culture of yesteryear existed today. guys like bones and gsp would have alot more losses and possibly wouldnt be champs. they'd still be huge forces to reckon with because they are highly skilled but they wouldn't have the records they have today.PSwhen i say americanized I mean that mma as a whole has largely adopted USA culture of sports. this is where competitors compete with little heart and little to no honor. the W is everything. its win at all cost regardless of how CHEAP the tactics are. guys will exploit the rules and judging to win with total disregard to budo and the fans.I for one enojoyed it more when guys went in there to prove who the best FIGHTER was. today guys are content to win on technicalities within the judging criteria. imo many fighters get the W but did not prove they were better FIGHTERS

JayBRO site profile image  

4/21/13 11:41 PM by JayBRO

Well technically GSP has been fighting professionally longer than Shogun has..... So you can't say shogun is the old, and GSP is the new

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

4/21/13 11:01 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

I was talking to a coach who has worked with a ton of guys out of the Xtreme Couture gyms a while back and we got on to the subject of what MMA fighters will be in 2040.Those kids, or men, at that time, are going to be so scary-good, it makes me gob-smacked.The athletes in this sport in the next twenty years are going increase in such a rapid pace, it'll be nuts.I do wonder if the first death on a very public platform will be via a strike from a future fighter that will be able to put more into a shot than ever seen before.And if there is still message boards, we'll still have some 115 year old Pride Fan, or 01'r, claiming they are all pansies and that Big Nog could beat them all.:)

Elvis site profile image  

4/21/13 10:58 PM by Elvis

Yeah it's a catch 22... some of the newer guys rely on their physical attributes too much. Yet there are some that combine it beauitfully with their technical skills and continue to improve upon them. I don't think you can get to the top and remain there without a great balance of both.

Shabazeid site profile image  

4/20/13 5:15 PM by Shabazeid

can't jab their way out I meant..

Shabazeid site profile image  

4/20/13 5:13 PM by Shabazeid

Some new school guys still stink at some basic skills. Would love to see a decent jab besides Gsp's. Good strikers learning basic takedown defense. Good submission guys learning basic feints. Footwork still needs work across the board. There are paid fighters who can jab there way out of a wet paper bag..

TheLuckyMilkMan site profile image  

4/20/13 4:54 PM by TheLuckyMilkMan

not having to go off roids while after switching organizations helps... few had to do that imo. wont name names so as not to get fireballed