MMA's first great movie?

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The first thing that pops into someone’s head when thinking of Lynchburg, Virginia may be the city’s beautiful surroundings, the numerous collegiate institutions located there, or perhaps even nothing at all. But it is safe to say that mixed martial arts is probably not very high on that list.

Frazer, a director and writer, has embarked on a unique journey to bring MMA to the silver screen with “The Bam Theory.” And Lynchburg has served as the launching pad.

“In October of 2009, after the Machida-Shogun pay-per-view, I was at Buffalo Wild Wings watching it in Lynchburg. You know, drinking some beers, watching the fights, enjoying the local fight camaraderie,” Frazer told “I went home that night and I really started to put the pieces together. I started getting all of these ideas and decided, ‘You know what? There’s so many small towns here in America, and every single person who gets involved in MMA, most of them are from smaller towns before they graduate to the bigger stage.’

“I figured, why don’t I just do it here? It’s got a great MMA scene, we’ve got six or seven fight gyms, and there is a local promotion here and there are a few in the area. I decided that this should be the setting, it should be based off the local fight culture.”

The story surrounds the life struggles of Bam (played by real-life mixed martial artist Matt Coleman), as he battles through such adversity as his father’s suicide and a falling out with the love of his life. The tragic happenings continue to come in between the protagonist and his dream of rising to the elite level of the sport of MMA, making this story bigger than simply MMA.

Rather, it involves struggles that happen to real people on a daily basis throughout the United States of America.

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RaginCajun54 site profile image  

3/30/11 5:58 PM by RaginCajun54

"Fightville", with Dustin Poirier and Tim Credeur, does what this movie intends to do. I realize that "BAM" is a fictional piece, but I believe that if you want to represent the sport as a sport in a sanctioned environment then a documentary would be the best way to go.

Stakk5150 site profile image  

3/30/11 3:50 PM by Stakk5150

ttt 4 later

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

3/30/11 3:41 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Haha I have Brazillian Brawl on DVD too.

Winnson site profile image  

3/30/11 3:35 PM by Winnson

There was so much awesome in that movie I bought the DVD!  Acting, storyline, believable explosions, more than one room for every scene inside (except with a different tablecloth), the trailer park guy from Trailer Park Boys... That movie had it all!

Roger AK47 site profile image  

3/30/11 3:32 PM by Roger AK47

Brazilian Brawl.

RavenFighter site profile image  

3/30/11 3:10 PM by RavenFighter

"Never back down was a really good movie ..."*vomits*

epwar site profile image  

3/30/11 1:50 PM by epwar

Ken Shamrock already did the first great MMA movie! 

Ebe5 site profile image  

3/30/11 1:33 PM by Ebe5

Never back down was a really good movie but was focused more or street fighting then actual sanctioned mma fights, with the right vision I think an mma movie would do great, but I don't think this is it, only one fight movie comes out a year. Look at the Fighter, was a great movie, but took years to get approval to be able to release world wide.

Zedlepln site profile image  

3/30/11 1:03 PM by Zedlepln

Sadly, that fight has lost something over time. When it occurred, it *was* awesome. Best evah.