Dana White defends TUF ratings; says show is here to stay

source: The Underground

In a recent story it was revealed that the premier episode of the Ultimate Fighter was not well-watched, having only draw 1.5 million views, the lowest in the show's history for a debut. Dana White was quick to defend the show, responding directly on the Underground Forum:

From: dfw jr
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People have been saying it is dead since season 4.
Sit back and watch bitches or don't. TUF isnt going anywhere!!!! deal with it.

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My cat is cuter than your cat site profile image  

4/5/11 1:30 PM by My cat is cuter than your cat

another potential TUF rejuvenation (other than taking the approach of "the contender" and focusing on serious fighters and the real-life drama of trying to achieve a dream instead of focusing on drunken house shenanigans), is to have a season called TUF All-Stars. Take the biggest names and most popular fighters from all of the previous TUF seasons and invite the top four contestants at each weight. Serious fans would get to see great fights by fighters that are truly dedicated and casual fans would get to see fighters they already recognize. If there were four fighters in each division (lightweight, ww, middleweight, lt hvy, and heavy), you wouldn't have enough fighters for a real tournament in each weight, but that opens the door for a better way to get the best fighter back in the ufc: have a round robin with each fighter fighting the other three fighters in his weight class. that way every fighter fights every other fighter at his weight. Serious and casual fans would both eat that up. And the number of fights would remain the same as it currently is because you currently need three fights to get to the TUF finals.

romophobia site profile image  

4/5/11 12:24 PM by romophobia

 Hope you are healing well! Tough break, but you will be back... I heard DFW say so. Best of luck!

BJJkilla site profile image  

4/5/11 5:15 AM by BJJkilla

people must love him being a douchebag if millions buy the PPV's he's the main event.

Fury21 site profile image  

4/5/11 3:44 AM by Fury21

 TUF has good people behind it...it will be around for a while

EPGScott site profile image  

4/4/11 9:01 PM by EPGScott

I agree, my interest by division goes HW, LHW, MW, WW, LW, FL, BW...I would rather watch an all HW card of average guys then a card full of elite LW's.I think the ratings next season will be real bad, I hope not but I think unless they get coaches like Sonnen/Bisping to carry the show, they are in trouble.Hopefully they will go to a live fight format soon.

Ihearyabuddy site profile image  

4/4/11 5:44 PM by Ihearyabuddy

lol what? If anything, him acting like a douchebag would help. spikes target audience isnt the same as CNN's

Zomby site profile image  

4/4/11 5:25 PM by Zomby

Or maybe it has something do with the ufc screwing its fans around in the past seasons, i.e when kimbo was gonna fight in every episode after his fight with nelson.SO they lost the respect of the casual fan since they grew tired of their shenanigans.Better assessment than OPs.

thesitchpack site profile image  

4/4/11 5:21 PM by thesitchpack

It's failing because lesnar is a douchebag. End thread.

smoogy site profile image  

4/4/11 5:00 PM by smoogy

 If a live Brock Lesnar fight only drew 1.5 million viewers, Spike executives (and Dana) would shit their pants. Expectations are everything, and the TUF 13 debut was way below expectations

Doublehead site profile image  

4/4/11 4:50 PM by Doublehead

 I look forward to the show each week and want to watch the next episode once one is over.   I am not like many here who think the show is stale. The primary reason I watch the show is not to watch the teen like antics and drunken behavior and pranks but have been enlightened by watching that part of the show.  I never would have known what an upper decker was if I hadn't watched the show.