Lyle Beerbohm drinks 24 pounds of water per day


Beerbohm drinks 24 pounds of water – three gallons in all – every single day.

"I'm always, always in the bathroom peeing," said Beerbohm, who fights under the "Fancy Pants" nickname due to the colorful shorts his mom stitched for one of his first fights.

Beerbohm (16-1 MMA, 5-1 SF) is the king of H20. He forces down 24 16.9-ounce bottles of the clear stuff per day, which has helped keep his weight at a suitable mark as he prepares for tonight's fight with Shinya Aoki (26-5 MMA, 0-1 SF) at "Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley." It's one of four fights airing on Showtime from Valley View Casino Center in San Diego.

But the frequent hydration does have a drawback. After all, his porcelain throne isn't always nearby. Thankfully, he has all those empty water receptacles.
"I have a bottle where I pee in the car," he said with a laugh. "My fiance messes with me all the time and slams on the breaks every once in a while. She hasn't done it lately because she knows I will (splash her)."

Many MMA fighters talk about drinking a gallon of water a day. Some have even talked about two.

But three?

"I sweat," Beerbohm said. "I unbelievably sweat. I sit around and just sweat, so I drink more than the average person for sure."

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studiocamp site profile image  

4/9/11 8:59 PM by studiocamp

If you drink tap water, it's a way around having to pay for prescription drugs.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

4/9/11 8:27 PM by WRESTLENOW

it really cleans out your system, if you drink electrolytes with the water it is really incredible how much it helps recovery. your body flushes all the lactic acid from your system and you just feel really good. I tell all the guys on my squad to make sure they drink at least a gallon and a half of water a day.that being said if he is just doing it to cut weight he wont want to consume much electrolyte at all, and he will be doing it to draw out minerals and other substances to lose weight.

Joe Rogan site profile image  

4/9/11 8:08 PM by Joe Rogan

What would be the benefit in drinking that much water?I know it's important to stay hydrated, but that seems a tad excessive to me.What the fuck do I know, though.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

4/9/11 7:14 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Lyle pisses excellence. Three gallons of it daily.

OriginalTUFer site profile image  

4/9/11 5:55 PM by OriginalTUFer

Feel free to do so, he's on this thread "FancyPants".

Ew0k187 site profile image  

4/9/11 5:51 PM by Ew0k187

so stupid and unnecessary hope someone talks some sense into this guy

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

4/9/11 3:46 PM by RickMartelsArrogance

 Not at all. Not when you perspire a good portion of it.

voorhees site profile image  

4/9/11 3:44 PM by voorhees

Drinking 3 gallons a day is a good way to get water intoxication.Too much.

voorhees site profile image  

4/9/11 3:41 PM by voorhees

Drinking 3 gallons a day is a good way to get water intoxication.Too much.

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

4/9/11 3:27 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

lol these guys know how to do it.