Brain hemorrhage forces Foster off UFC 129, weeks after loss of testicle

by Steven Marrocco | source:

H.I.T. Squad fighter Brian Foster announced via twitter that he has been forced to withdraw from a fight with Sean Pierson at UFC 129, because an MRI revealed a brain hemorrhage. The MRI was mandated by the Ontario Athletic Commission

Coach Marc Fiore told that while his fighter is OK, he is required to undergo another MRI in six weeks to assure no permanent damage is present. Fiore believes Foster's hemorrhage may have occurred during a hard sparring session two days before the MRI was taken.

"A blood vessel broke open, started bleeding, and turned into a brain hemorrhage. Our doctor and the UFC doctor said they won't clear him to fight.

"It should heal on its own, and if it's good, he's cleared to fight. If not, then we have to obviously (look at surgical options)."

The bad news come on the heels of another serious injury from which Foster recently recovered. Fiore said the welterweight received a hard kick to the groin six weeks ago that caused one of his testicles to burst, and doctors were forced to remove it.

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DanTheWolfman site profile image  

4/13/11 4:57 PM by DanTheWolfman

I put my cup on even to teach kids class. I wear my mouthguard even when just light drilling or showing moves

EnderTL site profile image  

4/13/11 4:36 PM by EnderTL

Shitty deal.

Evilzpet site profile image  

4/13/11 2:20 PM by Evilzpet

Fuck, talk about comin unglued

natebrow site profile image  

4/13/11 2:56 AM by natebrow

eek! get well foster. itd help if you guys stopped sparring with baseball bats and steel toe boots

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

4/13/11 2:45 AM by DanTheWolfman

trained with a pride vet, who had a tear in his sack from a fightBest wishes to Foster

NorthFromHere site profile image  

4/13/11 1:26 AM by NorthFromHere

Few weeks ago I took a heavy knee to the balls. I was wearing a steel thai cup, but still it hurt like a MFer and I ended up pissing blood for two days. Good times.

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4/12/11 9:08 PM by Fake Rassler

LOL is forum member saemskin the first official UGeunuch? welcome to the forum member saemskin aka billy empyballsack AKA frankie no nuts AKA Frankie guns

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4/12/11 9:06 PM by Fake Rassler

Putting that nut thing in as the last sentence is just fuckin sick you sick fucks

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

4/12/11 9:00 PM by Reed Rothchild

Damn.... What bad few months... Hopefully he has a full recover.

Slapsymaxi site profile image  

4/12/11 8:58 PM by Slapsymaxi

I hope he does well.The Brock Larson beatdown made me a HUGE fan.Max