Brock Lesnar: I want to be a farmer



Mike Straka: "Mick Foley became a very succesful author. The Rock became a very sucessful actor. John Cena is also doing acting as well ... What do you see as your future?"

Brock Lesnar: "I'm planning my retirement every day. My heart and soul is on the farm. I've got two young boys and a young daughter and a beautiful wife at home that I just love to be around. I just want to raise my kids and be Joe Farmer Jones."

"That is who I am.I am just a kid from Webster SD, that thinks he's the meanest SOB on the planet."


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HELWIG site profile image  

4/12/11 11:31 PM by HELWIG

  "Couldn't make it in Nfl does not equal one of best athletes in the world. " Thats really not a reasonable asssessment. They were more than impressed with his power, speed, agility and conditioning. But his football skills were not sharp enough with the layoff to justify him going directly to a team camp. Its not like the UFC where he was allowed to just walk on to a starting spot and then given a title shot regardless of how he performed. As far as his physical attributes he's clearly one of the best athletes on the planet. He couldnt do world's strongest man and he couldnt do long distance olympic events, but for his combined abilities he's far and away above most guys.  

roperninja site profile image  

4/12/11 11:30 PM by roperninja

I stand by my ststement

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

4/12/11 11:29 PM by RickMartelsArrogance

Most NFL insiders said he was by far the most athletic guy @ the combine workouts in Arizona that year. Maybe not the most athletic in the league, but definitely the most athletic guy in the combine.  His 40 time @ 4.65 was quicker than Jerry Rice's FFS.  At 290lbs.  35" vert. 10' broad jump. 700lb squat. 475 bench.  225 bench x 30 reps. and that was after taking some time off w/ his ex wife and daughter not working out.    

JasonJ site profile image  

4/12/11 11:25 PM by JasonJ

LMAO. He was NEVER considered the most athletic. They said he was a GOOD athlete. SMH at some of you fan boys.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

4/12/11 11:24 PM by chaplinshouse

Grow me some vegetables bitch.

GC111 site profile image  

4/12/11 10:38 PM by GC111

Wrong. He was considered the most athletic player in the NFL. He just didn't know the playbook skills.

roperninja site profile image  

4/12/11 10:04 PM by roperninja

Couldn't make it in Nfl does not equal one of best athletes in the world.

studiocamp site profile image  

4/12/11 9:55 PM by studiocamp

So in the hunter/gatherer scheme of things, Brock dreams of being the latter. Interesting.

HELWIG site profile image  

4/12/11 9:41 PM by HELWIG

 "That is who I am.I am just a kid from Webster SD, that thinks he's the meanest SOB on the planet." I doubt that he actually thinks that. One of the best athletes and physically superior to almost every other man on the planet, without a doubt. But theres tons more hardcore, grizzled, "meaner" fighters out there. Thats not something you can just pick up in your 30s.

un3rgr0und site profile image  

4/12/11 9:31 PM by un3rgr0und

Come on UG!! I thought you were better than this...the guy asked Brock if he wanted to do something else and he listed shit like being in movies and writing books, Brock says no I just want to be home on the farm. Stop trying to turn it around...damn, right now Brock is in the UFC and training MMA but once thats done he wants to be left alone and go live his life with his family. Trying to make it sound like he's not interested in the UFC or mma is stupid..youre reaching for something thats not there and even if he is JUST collecting a paycheck he will be found out against JDS and I'm sure he wont be around much longer. I expect him to learn how to take a punch IF he really wants it bad enough...if he has no interest in fighting then he'll curl up in a ball again