Anderson Silva wants Roy Jones not 'Bones' Jones

by Ray Hui | source:

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva recently appeared \Monday on The MMA Hour and expressed much more interest in facing boxing great Roy Jones Jr.  than UFC light heavyweight champion Jon 'Bones' Jones.

"Maybe finish my contract for UFC, finish my fights in MMA, I'll go. This is my goal for my career. It's my dream -- is to fight Roy Jones and boxing."

"Sometimes I look at Jon Jones fight and I remember me when I started to fight. I remember. I like Jon Jones. He's a good guy. He has great focus for training, for working. That's it. My opinion is Jon Jones is staying with the belt for a long time."

Silva no longer wants to fight at 205, as to not interfere with Black House teammates Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, and Lyoto Machida. So despite two spectacular performances at 205, Silva will stay in the division he is the world champion of.

"I finish my career in my class," Silva said.

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whistleblower site profile image  

4/27/11 1:37 AM by whistleblower

Anderson started to say around the time that Shogun was now Champion that he didn't want to compete at 205 any more (even though Shogun said he would be willing to fight Anderson) - but before that, when Lyoto had been the Champion, Anderson was saying that he STILL wanted to compete at 205 as well. (Just that he wouldn't fight Lyoto for the Championship there.)So obviously, Lyoto's presence in that division (or Li'l Nog's, or Feijao's) was NOT enough to altogether keep Anderson from that division (or from still stating that he intended to compete there again).If teammates were really the only (or predominating) reason why Anderson no longer wants to do so - then why did that same reason not apply earlier, when that same reason certainly already existed earlier? (Again, his teammates were already there, and this was even WHILE his friend was still the reigning Champion of that division. And yet, at that time, Anderson didn't exclude himself from - and even declared that he was still willing to compete in - the 205 division anyway.)If teammates were already the necessarily-excluding factor, he should have never said otherwise in the first place.

jaseprobst site profile image  

4/26/11 9:03 PM by jaseprobst

Hopkins would hurt him, badly. Jones would outclass him but Hopkins would really take that personal. Wrong guy to do an experiment in boxing with.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

4/26/11 6:34 PM by Jons Forsberg

Funny that Machida, Rogerio and Feijao don't seem have a problem with each other competing in the same weightclass, but appearently if Anderson moved up it would be a big deal.And Jon Jones doesn't have a problem fighting his former team mate, but somehow his "close friendship" with Anderson would prevent that fight from happening, according to Anderson. I guess they're tight, even though one guy lives in Curitiba and the other in New Mexico.

card5 site profile image  

4/26/11 6:21 PM by card5

holy shit, thanks kirik i really appreciate it  

easedel site profile image  

4/26/11 3:18 PM by easedel

Somehow in his world, Roy Jones will have disrespected him

Kirik site profile image  

4/25/11 9:51 PM by Kirik

Apologies. Article was supposed to be behind yours. Site crashed in middle of post was cause. Sincerest apologies and one year pro mem added as token of regret for what is kinda spamming.  

Calhoon site profile image  

4/25/11 9:26 PM by Calhoon

How does he feel about GSP or Shields though?

MaxxAnth5 site profile image  

4/25/11 9:18 PM by MaxxAnth5

Idk about you guys, but I really want Anderson to go to 205

supersaiyan site profile image  

4/25/11 9:03 PM by supersaiyan

apparently...this crap is so full of BS since the past 2 years we been hearing bout this Silva vs RJJ ..its a joke

Bing Lao site profile image  

4/25/11 9:03 PM by Bing Lao

You are cleary a fucking idiot. The point is, He has said numerous times for over a year that he doesnt want to go to LHW because of teammates. Dumb ass.