Jones: God has given me the spirit of power, not fear


Jon Jones recently pulled out of a scheduled fight with truly former teammate Rashad Evans, chatter erupted that the hand inury was just an excuse to avoid Evans, and confirmed other chatter that Evans got the better of him in training. 'Bones' took to twitter to rebut:

I'm a young athlete with years of competition ahead of me, addressing all small Injuries will play a huge role in me having a long, successful and healthy career

I'd like to thank all my friends and supporters for their patience and understanding

For the few that are accusing me of dodging a fight, remember God has not given me the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind

Jones went on to fight predicions:

I would give the striking and takedowns to Evans and the grappling to Davis.. Either man could win this one, them 2 are perfect for each other

Id bet my house on gsp

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DanEzra site profile image  

4/28/11 9:19 AM by DanEzra

Needs more watermark.

JBob300 site profile image  

4/28/11 9:15 AM by JBob300

Jones biggest asset currently is his unpredictability and the fact that he really hasnt settled into any sort of groove that someone can exploit knowingly.however this would make rashad his biggest challenge (potentially). at this stage in his career its my opinion that the person who has the best chance against him is someone who knows him best IE rashad, he becomes that much less predictable, his size becomes more managable. it just helps overall, if there is anyone with any KNOWN advantage over jones this is a big one.

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

4/27/11 11:56 PM by AnthonyBrancato

But wouldn't Rashad have been still another one of those? In a way I wouldn't mind at all if Rashad lost to Phil Davis, since then Rashad would move down to 185 - and if that happens, stand back and watch the sparks fly.

StretchPlum site profile image  

4/27/11 10:05 PM by StretchPlum

Actually, they don't get stitches, other than 30 years ago with respect to the mob. In bad areas, it's open and routine at the first sign of a bust. Local PDs don't even have to cultivate much in the way of contacts unless it's a massive gang.

StretchPlum site profile image  

4/27/11 8:14 PM by StretchPlum

I very much dislike braggadocio, but haven't seen it from him in the sense of being disdainful toward his opponents.

studiocamp site profile image  

4/27/11 8:13 PM by studiocamp

Yeah, leave this to ug news.

TheGARV site profile image  

4/27/11 8:12 PM by TheGARV

 lol, people have a misperception of how much money you can make running a website.  I barely break even.  It's more of a vanity thing ;)

RickMartelsArrogance site profile image  

4/27/11 8:10 PM by RickMartelsArrogance

 I've been told the injury happened in the beginning of rd2 vs Shogun. They knew about it the day after the fight but just went public about it because they were trying to rest/rehab it and stay on the original schedule for the Rashad fight.

Justinmacd site profile image  

4/27/11 8:07 PM by Justinmacd

GARV is that your fulltime job? Running