Cris Cyborg fighting soon, but not for Strikeforce

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

Strikeforce Womens Middleweight World MMA Champion Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos wants to fight, but she can’t return to the American cage until she signs a new contract with the organization. Tired of waiting, the fighter revealed in her native Portuguese via Twitter today, that she’ll probably fight in Brazil in August. spoke with her manager, Rudimar Fedrigo, to learn more details.

“It’s 99% set. It’ll be an event promoted by Helio Dipp, that will probably take place at Santa Catarina, on August 6th, but we don’t have an opponent yet."

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john joe site profile image  

4/28/11 2:53 PM by john joe

Its says "I've never" and "I dont like", so you really shouldnt need it explained to you that its my personal opinion. Its absolutely clear from the text.i didnt express any views "on women" either; i dont know where you got that from. Dont try and be all twisty with what i wrote, i hate people who do that.

jensapw site profile image  

4/28/11 2:23 PM by jensapw

Whoa calm down dude. Firstly what is with the homosexual thing? No link at all.Secondly he was only expressing some views, nothing offensive there.

ticktick site profile image  

4/28/11 2:04 PM by ticktick

Do you represent Fighters Only Magazine's views on WMMA and women, or just your own latent homosexual views?

GingerWhinger site profile image  

4/28/11 1:02 PM by GingerWhinger

There was that one epic women's fight on the Tyson-Bruno undercard....15 years ago

john joe site profile image  

4/28/11 11:25 AM by john joe

i've never been able to get into WMMA, i just dont like to watch women fight. Or play soccer, i cant watch women's soccer either. It just seems wrong somehow.

attack001 site profile image  

4/28/11 10:23 AM by attack001

That sucks. She's gotta make a living but Strikeforce doesn't fight her. Not surprised.

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

4/28/11 9:47 AM by Coolface_Awesomeson

Holly Holm.Tara La Rosa.Sara Kaufman.Interested.

GingerWhinger site profile image  

4/28/11 8:38 AM by GingerWhinger

There is no interest in WMMA outside of Gina, Tate, Coenen and Cyborg for the freak factor.

pervert site profile image  

4/28/11 7:56 AM by pervert

coenen/miesha title match is gonna be one hell of a fight 

GageIsLegend site profile image  

4/28/11 7:47 AM by GageIsLegend

Yea I'm fine without women's mma. Gina can do modeling or porn I'll be fine with both.