Sport Science: GSP punches harder than Shogun kicks


GSP: "Fighting is about efficiency"

ESPN Sport Science's John Brenkus examines the extraordinary physical abilities of Georges St. Pierre.

GSP's Anaerobic Threshold (where he starts to develop lactic acid and fatigue) is at most fighters maximum. When they hit the ceiling, GSP is at 85%.

GSP's punch registers at 2859 lbs of force
GSP's kick registers at 3477 lbs of force
GSP's Right-Left-Left Low kick combo registers at 6000+ lbs of force in .98 of a second

GSP's high double generates 2400 watts of power in 1.17 second (similar to what Rashad Evans tested for, but Rashad is two weight classes up)
GSP's superman punch moves at 15 feet/second (twice as fast as his normal punch)

In prrevious episodes of Sport Science some of the most formidable fighters in the UFC were tested. The numbers are so dramatically lower that some other factors must have come into play, like a different heavy bag, or gloves, making a direct comparison suspect.
Cain Velasquez's punch is 2230 lbs of force.
Rampage Jackson's punch is 1800 lbs of force.
Shogun Rua's kick is 2749 lbs of force.


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mumbleBEE site profile image  

5/1/11 6:17 AM by mumbleBEE

It Moot not mute jackass

bustowithnobra site profile image  

5/1/11 3:17 AM by bustowithnobra

 bump bc GSP just showed why his jab inflicts more force then Shogun's kicks.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

4/30/11 5:51 PM by KingOfFighters

Yeah it's different power when you're just infront of a bag and clubbing it...takes like 200 of a second more time to generate maximum power while gsp is content with a fast and efficient combination instead of a more time consuming power combination.....I'm a gsp hater but the guy is in and out like sugar ray.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

4/30/11 5:48 PM by Mix6APlix

I wouldn't be surprised if GSP hit harder than Rampage. Technique will work wonders.

tempus site profile image  

4/30/11 5:41 PM by tempus

think harder.... lol

lookoutawhale site profile image  

4/30/11 5:28 PM by lookoutawhale

 sport science seems like a complete lie. its like they get paid by the UFC to market the current hot fighter.

Mr Sponge site profile image  

4/30/11 5:21 PM by Mr Sponge


wreckker site profile image  

4/30/11 4:47 PM by wreckker

 Those sensor things are decieving.... Its HOW you hit them. you need t punch through the sensor not just make contact and pull back.

jmacdoug site profile image  

4/30/11 3:35 PM by jmacdoug

this thread really shows that mma is a sport for retards

ready4war site profile image  

4/30/11 2:30 PM by ready4war

Hopefully we see how hard he can hit tonite.2nd rd KO GSP.