Hoger: McCorkle's UFC career 'pale in comparison'

source: The Underground

Who was right about McCorky getting his pink slips

From: The Alaskan Assassin
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I'm Just sayin......
Know your place kiddies Sam, the man, has spoken the truth and I'm here at the end of the tunnel laughing the whole way Corky. Hope you enjoyed that Green Mile of a UFC career you had.

Told you this clown would pale in comparison to my greatness.

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8/17/11 6:22 PM by CrazyGrim


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5/14/11 5:56 AM by The Alaskan Assassin

Invention just got pwned...Bad....Tik is a beast on these boards, and Invention of suffication has lost his privelleges.I Can't respond to you anymore when your sack has been hacked off like this..... I typically get more than 10/10. fyi

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5/14/11 4:43 AM by BrunoMcGyver

After reading every post in this thread I got to say I'm ever so glad I signed up on this forum. I spent nearly 8 years and 2 accounts posting on a rival forum (y'all know the one i'm talkin about) and it was a waste. UG rules.

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5/14/11 12:46 AM by ThatsJustLikeYourOpinionMan

^ I would say he did. Big sexy > hoger.

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5/14/11 12:01 AM by Fraser's Conscience

So did Hoger tuck?

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5/6/11 10:01 AM by jjj2121

 Since McCorkle makes no secret about the fact that his material has no meaning and buddies up with people immediately after the fight...I would not be surprised at all if this was a wink-wink "rivalry" meant to drum up interest in each of them.

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5/6/11 9:36 AM by Intervention of Suffocation

lol @ the suble reference to an infamous rap battle.

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5/6/11 9:36 AM by Intervention of Suffocation


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5/6/11 6:50 AM by Naderhood

 I'm pretty sure Sammy lives in Houston now and owns a school there. Should be pretty easy to find an alley they can fights in or at least a local card to fight on. Sammy Hogey has disappeared from the thread on purpose. The cal was put on him and he folded........which is just what we expected.