GSP reports from hospital that he cannot see out of left eye


Hey everybody, leaving the hospital soon, just finished all my eye tests, I still don't see anything from my left eye but I'll be find

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GSP followed up on facebook.

Hey guys just want to say that I am ok. I'll need to see a doctor in the next days! Yesterday I was told it was not a retina problem. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! I am so lucky my BJJ instructor Bruno Fernandes is an ophtamologist!!! I'll be in good hands!!!

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Recent Comments »

Lib site profile image  

5/2/11 10:33 PM by Lib

GSP dropped him with a leg kick, took him down, out boxed him, all while only being able to see out of one can anyone hate on that? I do agree he does need to finish some fights but he is for sure p4p top 3 in the world...what happen to giving fighters respect for the simple fact that they actually get in the ring and fight?

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/2/11 6:49 AM by Jaybrone

A scratched cornea definately causes pain and a lot of blured vision also feels like something is in your eye you cant get out. If you listen to him between rounds this is what he described. He said he couldn't see its all blurry and i think something is in my eye. He even poored water in it trying to rinse it out. The long term uness its a retina issue should be absolutely fine. Retina issue I would think they find in the hospital with the test they probably put him under.The level of hate for some one you have never met on here from some of you is absolutely fucking rediculous. You act like this guy winning is an affront to all you stand for. You people have more venom in your heart toward GSP and other fighters then any person should harbor toward any human being. Get over it and grow up.

sparkyman site profile image  

5/1/11 3:41 PM by sparkyman

 Because there's a bunch of immature kids on here now who like to talk shit because it makes them feel tough.

easedel site profile image  

5/1/11 3:32 PM by easedel

Hopefully everything clears up. Now I really can't see how people can give the guy a hard time for "not finishing". Baffles me. Couldn't see for 4 of 5 rounds and still beat shields easily.

Mike Litoris site profile image  

5/1/11 1:17 PM by Mike Litoris

Lol, and GSP dropped shields with a kick to the head while blind in one eye. Other than that, GSP is my favorite fighter, but damn, he needs a finish in the worst way.

Bat21 site profile image  

5/1/11 1:00 PM by Bat21

 Yeah, Shields standup is so spectacular. Eye-poking happens.

sideshowsteve666 site profile image  

5/1/11 12:56 PM by sideshowsteve666

 About 3 years ago, I got a chemical burn on my eyeball at work(I know...fuck me, I'm a klutz).  Basically, the burn was the equivalent of a bunch of little scratches on the cornea.  Besides being really painful, I couldn't see shit for a couple days-thats what freaked me out.  When something like your sight is suddenly taken away, even in one eye, its hard to think about anything BUT the injury and the possibility of permanent damage.  I think its an accomplisnment for Georges to continue fighting thru it.

Zomby site profile image  

5/1/11 11:37 AM by Zomby

When gsp says he couldn't see, that was exactly what I was thinking. I remember Lamon Brewster had a detached retina in his fight against Liakhovich. Since round 1 he couldn't see and then he went the full distance to 12. Hope GSP is OK.

Illmatic1492 site profile image  

5/1/11 11:29 AM by Illmatic1492

This, some of you guys are real assholes

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

5/1/11 11:23 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

The UG has really turned to shit. So some of you idiots would be glad his career was over so you poor schmucks don't have to see him fight again?