Horn, Clementi file protests in Sweden

by Ryan O‚ÄôLeary | source: sherdog.com

The Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation will meet May 16 to examine and rule on the protests filed by American fighters Jeremy Horn and Rich Clementi regarding their losses at Superior Challenge 7 on April 30.

Both fighters competed in closely contested title bouts at the event in Stockholm, Sweden. Horn fell to fellow UFC vet Thales Leites by split decision, while Clementi was on the short end of a unanimous verdict following his three-round affair with Reza Madadi.

Of special note is Clementi's fight, which was reportedly scored a draw by all three ringside judges. However, in compliance with SMMAF’s professional rules, the judges were forced to pick a winner in the title bout. In what could be viewed as a conflict of interest, a previous training partner of Madadi's, Bobby Rehman, served as a ringside judge for the lightweight title affair.

“I have in recent days received much criticism, both from media and foreign athletes, that our judges are too closely associated with the Swedish athletes. This may be a structural problem that we now take a look at. I promise to come back with conclusions on the issue when an investigation has been carried out,” wrote Sallfeldt.

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Jenny Wishbone site profile image  

5/17/11 8:00 PM by Jenny Wishbone

Rich clearly won the first two rounds. I haven't seen the third.

Hominick's Hematoma site profile image  

5/7/11 7:32 PM by Hominick's Hematoma

BTW, I was pretty bored by the Horn fight and didn't watch it as close as the RC fight, so I could be wrong on this.

Hominick's Hematoma site profile image  

5/7/11 7:25 PM by Hominick's Hematoma

Had this in my DVR. Didn't watch it until I read this thread, waited until I saw for myself to comment.IMO, Horn lost. It was a close, and rather uneventful fight, but he lost that one. I would love to hear a detailed round by round breakdown by anyone who thinks he won stating their case.As for No Love... that was bullshit. It wasn't as dominating as everyone is making it sound, but he CLEARLY controlled Round 1. Round 2 was a little less of the same. He reveresed every position, had great sweeps and sub attempts but was clearly fading a bit. The stand-up from side control was fucking weak... wtf? The third round was very close, and I could see that one a draw, but I honestly think Rich the 3rd. He was fading, and took a few shots, spent a good bit of time on his back (while giving the ref the "stand me up now" stare). The stalling was kind of weird because it was clear that when he decided he wanted to sweep and get up, he easily did so. All in all, he didn't do enough to win that last round though. Still, even giving the judging the benefit of the doubt, at best, Rich still wins 30-28, at worst he wins 29-28.

ocdacc site profile image  

5/7/11 7:13 PM by ocdacc

^agreed on would rather see those two ground fight

ziggystardust site profile image  

5/7/11 6:09 PM by ziggystardust

^ I'm not into technical MMA standup when I have a chance to see MMA grappling on a completely different level. That was a boring ass fight.

ocdacc site profile image  

5/7/11 5:57 PM by ocdacc

RC won and it wasn't even close JH won and it was closer but an absolute win What an embarrassment for the sport. Hey judges (euro or otherwise) - learn your job sidenote: the horn fight was actually an interesting striking fight (for fans who understand and are into technical mma standup)

ziggystardust site profile image  

5/7/11 5:54 PM by ziggystardust

Unfortunately, I doubt the protest will lead to anything. A ruling can only be reversed if an "evident mistake" has been committed and that's difficult to point out when it comes to subjective scoring. They will be very hesitant to set a precedent when it comes to overruling judges.On the other hand - I can somewhat see how it could be scored as a draw, but not how Madadi could get the final nod after that.It's worth to note that rounds are scored as draws more frequently by Swedish judges. It's not up to K-1 standards, but still. The one score card I know about for Madadi-Clementi (Bobby Rehman's) had the fight at 9-10, 10-9, 10-10. As for the ref, Marko Gyllenland, he's Sweden's most experienced and I doubt the Clementi stand up was anything but a fuck up from his part. Superior usually uses UK ref Grant Waterman and he was missed that night.

cormano_wild site profile image  

5/7/11 4:29 PM by cormano_wild

Rich won this fight. Did Reza even throw a strike before rd 3? Rich dominated on the ground as well. Reza landed a few take downs, did nothing with them and got swept. Rich was attacking from ground constantly. Stand up from side control? wtf. Give this man his title.

brahmabull81 site profile image  

5/7/11 3:53 PM by brahmabull81

Kheder vs this guy might be epic. The potential for a bizarre screwjob would be very likely.

Mike Chiappetta site profile image  

5/7/11 3:49 PM by Mike Chiappetta

No, that was Ferrid Kheder