UFC fighter has idea for worst t-shirt ever

source: onionsportsnetwork.com

LAS VEGAS Mixed martial artist Phillipe Nover announced design plans Thursday for a new T-shirt that he claimed would be completely covered in hundreds of dumbshit fighting terms and stupid fucking tribal patterns. "This shirt will feature a rambling assortment of worthless violent images and words, like 'grapple' and 'slam,' all thrown together in the most unappealing colors possible," said Nover, adding that graphics would include spray-painted angel wings, laughing skulls wearing crowns, random splatter marks, and other images so idiotic they could only appeal to 8-year-old boys from Long Island or emotionally undeveloped middle-aged men.

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JustSaying site profile image  

8/21/11 1:15 PM by JustSaying

 Is it still possible to buy the shirt??? Oh btw GRATZ to Phil for winning his comeback MMA fight last night!

nubp site profile image  

5/8/11 9:08 AM by nubp

I think afflication or xtreme couture or whatever did this tshirt 1000 times already

sacredhate site profile image  

5/8/11 9:01 AM by sacredhate

the onion is stealing ideas from the UG now?whatever happened to our epic t-shirt thread?

RandyIsMyDad site profile image  

5/8/11 8:58 AM by RandyIsMyDad

Why they gotta bring Long Island into this? The Onion is awesome.

JBob300 site profile image  

5/8/11 8:02 AM by JBob300

ill take 2

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

5/8/11 3:05 AM by I AM A MOFO

Sounds more like an Ed Hardy and Affliction shirt bukkaked a Tapout shirt.

easedel site profile image  

5/8/11 2:49 AM by easedel

So basically it is a tapout + ed hardy shirt?

Evilzpet site profile image  

5/8/11 2:27 AM by Evilzpet


Jaybrone site profile image  

5/8/11 2:06 AM by Jaybrone

heh nice

Keith McKay site profile image  

5/8/11 12:43 AM by Keith McKay

haha, nice shirt so far!sub'd