Askren: I'm the best wrestler in MMA, GSP not a good pure wrestler

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"I'm automatically qualified for the (Olympic) trials," four time NCAA All-American, and 2008 Olympian Ben Askren told MMA Fight Corner presented by "So, like, I might show up for s---s and giggles but no serious training will go into it."

"I'd say myself," Askren said when asked who the best wrestler in mixed martial arts currently is. "Then Daniel Cormier. He would say himself though if you asked him the question."

"Koscheck won an NCAA title but me and Daniel made the Olympic team. You got Mo Lawal, he made a world team. Koscheck would be up there. You got Johny Hendricks, he won two national titles. Phil Davis won national titles. As more and more elite wrestlers are getting into it, people like Koscheck kinda get moved down the list a little bit."

"As far as GSP is concerned, I don't think he is very good for a pure wrestler at all. What has he done to ever prove that? He never wrestled in any competitions. Yeah he has good MMA wrestling, but that's not the same."

"I think he'd have a significant advantage standing. But best scenario, I think I'd have the upper hand on the ground. I'd at least be able to hold my own."

"I mean yeah, obviously it's my goal to be the best fighter in the world and at this time the only way to do that is through the UFC. So yeah, I'll be in the UFC and hopefully it won't be that long."

(Fighters like Thiago Alves and Anthony Johnson who fail to make weight are) "just cowards. They should bump up a weight class. What are you scared of fighting guys bigger than you? If you really, truly can't make, say 170, you're gonna be fairly good sized for 185. I mean I walk around anywhere between 183 and 187. And 170, I can make it and it's not that difficult."

"So yeah, those guys are idiots. I think it's immature and cowardly."

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kumikata site profile image  

5/9/11 2:51 PM by kumikata

You're reading a lot into what he was saying. Askren was stating the obvious-that GSP (at his current skill level) would have a hard time at the international level of wrestling. There is a lot more to freestyle wrestling than takedowns.

kumikata site profile image  

5/9/11 2:47 PM by kumikata

He wasn't. He was giving his expert opinion that from what he has seen of GSP, St Pierre would not do well in international wrestling. Are you saying he is wrong? How much time do you think GSP spends defending leg laces or gut-wrenches from the par-terre position? He would need to be very good at that to even have a prayer of winning on the international level.

suess site profile image  

5/9/11 2:45 PM by suess

Askren is trying to get into the UFC and eventually a fight with GSP, and he thinks his wrestling is going to get the job done.  that's why it matters.   

kumikata site profile image  

5/9/11 2:43 PM by kumikata

Why is that all that matters? How is freestyle wrestling any less legitimate than mma?

Rob Monroe site profile image  

5/9/11 11:33 AM by Rob Monroe

If you read the article the interviewer asked Askren what he thought of GSPs pure wrestling. Thats what his point was. He was answering the guys question. The TS failed to put that into his post.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

5/9/11 11:27 AM by WRESTLENOW

gsp never fought otto, they had a grappling match.

fakezaga site profile image  

5/9/11 7:03 AM by fakezaga

I'm not sure. Someone said that one I linked (where he placed 2nd) there was no final because they were friends and teammates. but that doesn't sound very "wrestling" to me ifyouknowwhatImean.

emotion #13 site profile image  

5/9/11 1:50 AM by emotion #13

 Askren and Sheilds were going neck and neck in training recently so im not super sure he is going to be dominating GSP anytime himself. We shall see.

emotion #13 site profile image  

5/9/11 1:50 AM by emotion #13

 Askren and Sheilds were going neck and neck in training recently so im not super sure he is going to be dominating GSP anytime himself. We shall see.

AnotherTMAguy site profile image  

5/9/11 1:50 AM by AnotherTMAguy

I'm not an expert but GSP had trained with the Canadian Olympic squad, and even they had said that GSP would have to drop MMA and train for years to make the team. So as far as pure wrestling, GSP may be behind, but not too far.