Mike Brown: I'm back to 100%

source: mmahq.com

Looking back at your last two fights do you regret taking the Yahya fight on such short notice?

Looking back at the Yahya fight, yes I do regret it. I was just in a rush to get back in there. I was really upset about the Nunes fight and I thought I would just jump back and erase all those negative feelings.

It didn’t go how I planned it and the whole situation backfired on me.

It was reported after that fight that you had quite a bad hand injury. What state of rehabilitation are you at now with that?

Rehab on my hand has gone well and I’m back to 100% now. Ideally I’d like to fight in August or September if I get the chance.

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TheVileOne site profile image  

5/9/11 5:51 PM by TheVileOne

I think the leeway was his not getting cut after his most recent loss and looking really bad against Yahya coupled with taking the fight on short notice like three weeks after his last one. Also with another loss he'd be like 0-4 in the Octagon.

Big Pun site profile image  

5/9/11 5:40 PM by Big Pun

Fantastic. I can't wait to see him back in there.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

5/9/11 5:39 PM by duckhuntgangsta

 That is a much nicer way to address a concern. Hopefully that is part of the 100%

Peckerwood site profile image  

5/9/11 5:23 PM by Peckerwood

Did he get his cardio issue figured out? Sounds like it was a serious health issue.

Ben CQ site profile image  

5/9/11 4:57 PM by Ben CQ

Hopefully we'll see him on a card when he's good and ready. Still loads of very exciting match ups for MTB

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

5/9/11 1:23 PM by duckhuntgangsta

 Wow, you are seriously competing with Rumblefish for the biggest douche on the UG. The fucked up thing is if you've ever met Mike your stupid fanboy ass would be swinging from his dick and bragging to your friends about what a cool guy he is. I've met Mike and he is nothing but class. Something you could probably learn a thing or two about.

biggator site profile image  

5/9/11 12:48 PM by biggator


HYBRID JON site profile image  

5/9/11 12:22 PM by HYBRID JON

 TTT for the only good thing to come out of Boston.  (Fuck the Red Sox Rivera)

mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

5/9/11 12:08 PM by mcpeepants232003

with all the lws dropping they've got over 30 now and will get quite a few more after tuf 14. Hard to say if Brown would get cut. Being a former champ he has some leeway but that would be three losses in a row.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

5/9/11 12:04 PM by Chimonos Revenge

True. But you can always fall back on the old stand by of having a cracked skull if you lose the next fight.