Josh Barnett: Me and Dana White together again


Current top Strikeforce heavyweight Josh Barnett (and former UFC world heavyweight champion) and UFC President Dana White engaged in an epic, public badmouthing of each other.

Barnett on White
"I think we could definitely get a trained monkey to get in there and do his job ...I dont care what he thinks and I never did. I dont have any relationship with him. I don't want a relationship with a guy like that."

White on Barnett
"I'm not a big Josh Barnett fan.  think hes bad for the sport. All the shit that comes out of his mouth is stupid, and I'm not a fan ... You'll never see him in the UFC, ever."

Barnett on White
"Dana White’s stature has changed quite a bit from a boxercise instructor. I’d be interested to see Dana White pass some drug tests. I’ll pass every test. I’ve already passed tests since then; I’ve passed tests before then. If (Dana) wants I can come pee in his mouth and he can tell me if he tastes any Dianabol or anything like that. He might swing that way you never know. He’s so manly and hetero, maybe he wants to get real Spartan about things.”

Just 18 days after that last interview, Zuffa bought Strikeforce, and Dana became Barnett's boss.

In his next interview, Barnett struck a more admiring stance, saying “Dana likes to go out there and crush, kill, pillage, whatever; and let’s face it, that’s kind of my M.O. As much as I may have ever had difficulty with Dana at the end of the day there is a part of me that absolutely vibes with what he is does ... Whether he wants to think about it or not, here and now, no bulls*** Dana White is pretty f****** metal and I am a metal dude … we’ll at least have that sort of respect that can’t be overlooked.”

Niow it appears that the two have buried the battle axe, as Barnett announces on Twitter:

Pigs have now flown. Watch for Hell to freeze over next. Me and @danawhite together again -


With Dana White having previous predicted that Barnett will the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, fans may get to see The Babyfaced Assassin back in the Octagon when his contract wth Strikeforce ends.



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HELWIG site profile image  

5/19/11 7:35 PM by HELWIG

  "He'd be at least as helpless on his back as he was when Crocop mounted him." Yes, because that fight clearly summed up the total grappling ability of Barnett. Just as DLH vs Mosely showed that Oscar really wasnt any good at boxing. Ready, ready? Brock would be as helpless on the feet as soon as Josh threw a punch as he was in his last two fights. Your turn now.

duckrabbit site profile image  

5/19/11 12:22 PM by duckrabbit

You've got to give Dana credit, he's a hard-head but he's also consistently let things pass when he didn't have to. Tito and Barnett need the UFC much more than it needs them. I would love to see guys like Miletich and Severn brought into the fold at some point as well.

orcus site profile image  

5/18/11 5:26 PM by orcus

He'd be at least as helpless on his back as he was when Crocop mounted him.

chokeyou site profile image  

5/18/11 5:21 PM by chokeyou


Cyril Jeff site profile image  

5/11/11 3:38 PM by Cyril Jeff


HELWIG site profile image  

5/11/11 2:58 PM by HELWIG

 Barnett would snatch the life out of Brock.

HELWIG site profile image  

5/11/11 2:49 PM by HELWIG

 Anyone remember when Josh won the belt and demanded 1 mil per fight to show?

EBM site profile image  

5/11/11 9:05 AM by EBM

OftheWay, I couldn't disagree with you more. My steps 1-6 outline exactly what has taken place in the last year of Paul Daley's fight career. And then you bring up marketability and associate that to him? Who the hell is Paul Daley? Do you honestly think he is a big draw? Not many people know him as you even stated 'in his short run with the organization'. I think over a long period of time he "could" be marketable, but certainly not right now. Which is why The UFC doesn't even need him.He falls into the category with Babalu. Good fighter? Yes. Title contender? Probably not. Fucked up big time during a fight? Yup. Paying the consequences of his actions? Absolutely.If The UFC only cared about marketability, Chuck Liddell would still be fighting.

BzGrappla site profile image  

5/11/11 2:37 AM by BzGrappla

Just goes to show you most of the shit DANER says is bulllshit.he knows Fedor is a legend

DaemonDragon site profile image  

5/11/11 2:36 AM by DaemonDragon

Oh come on. That was pretty vicious. He wasn't KOed but he was getting destroyed and was out on his feet.Don't try to downplay the stoppage with absurd exaggerations, it just makes it look worse. Daley was unloading on Kampmann pretty damn badly there.