Bonnar vs. Vemola targeted for Versus 5


A light-heavyweight bout between veteran Stephan Bonnar (13-7 MMA, 7-6 UFC) and Karlos Vemola (8-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC) is in the works for UFC on Versus 5.

Bonnar first tweeted news of the matchup earlier today, and ESPN's Jon Anik later revealed the event.

Although not officially by the organization, UFC on Versus 5 is expected to take place Aug. 14, likely at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

The night's main card airs on Versus, though it's not clear if Bonnar vs. Vemola will be part of the broadcast.

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Recent Comments »

Tim Sylvia poop shorts site profile image  

5/11/11 8:52 AM by Tim Sylvia poop shorts

vemola = coleman 2.0 and gonna make waves!!!!

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

5/10/11 1:04 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

True story. If you guys ever trained with him you would be impressed. Bonnar is a beast. Way bigger, stronger and skilled than he gets credit for.

jjj2121 site profile image  

5/10/11 1:03 PM by jjj2121

 Yeah I think top 5 is a little lofty for Vemola, I see this fight looking like Bonnar/Jones...not in the spinning back elbow kind of way...rather in the Bonnar going for a ride multiple times like he's at a theme park kind of way.   Also, Petruzelli faced Hamill in his first UFC run and it wasn't that ugly.  He was soundly beaten by Hamill, but his manhood wasn't stolen the way Vemola took it.

MurdochIRL site profile image  

5/10/11 12:59 PM by MurdochIRL

Stephan is still improving. Sergio Penha and One Kick Nick have been refining a lot of Stephan's technique. He consistently gets better.

awilson82 site profile image  

5/10/11 12:36 PM by awilson82

 Cool fight. Vemolas gnp is scary but Bonnar is a tough sob. I think Vemola has a bright future.

Morgz site profile image  

5/10/11 12:31 PM by Morgz

 Vemola looked like a BEAST against Seth. I didn't see his UFC debut, but after the Seth fight I was shocked to back and see it went to decision.   This seems like a bad matchup for Stephan, but he may suprise us.

Dublin_Huntington site profile image  

5/10/11 12:25 PM by Dublin_Huntington

If it gets out of the first Vemola will gas I bet....

matt murdock site profile image  

5/10/11 12:23 PM by matt murdock

Coleman was a bad lose for sure. He had his time but Bonnar should have beat him. I didn't see Bones' first fight in the UFC, and even though he whooped Bonnar, I think Bonnar is the only one to take around out of him (let alone survive all three rounds).

fabes site profile image  

5/10/11 12:23 PM by fabes

Stephan is durable and very tough to finish. I'll take him by sub or TKO late in the 3rd.

bagger site profile image  

5/10/11 12:21 PM by bagger

Yeah Mark Coleman was just an unknown up-and-comer when Bonnar fought him and went on to great things after their matchup......