Rich Clementi's appeal of loss in Sweden denied

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Wow I just got my result in from my protest Sweden

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Make sure you go to the second round, Its the round in question! The Swedish commission thought it was just to score this round 10-10 and thought the ref was just in this standup. Ive been in this business for some time now and Im alittle blown away. I guess they thought it was ok to have one of my opponets training partners as a judge as well. I wanted that strap for my son! Guess you have to kill a guy over there. My protest was denied.

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Billyz site profile image  

5/24/11 12:06 PM by Billyz

Fucking bullshit

orbit site profile image  

5/24/11 11:00 AM by orbit

such a bad decision.

BigWilliam site profile image  

5/24/11 10:40 AM by BigWilliam

Saw that fight on HDNet, you got screwed Rich. You won that fight easily.

Lorenthz site profile image  

5/24/11 10:15 AM by Lorenthz

Marko Gyllenland posted this on a swedish MMA forum, which I put through Google Translate. A bit funny language but I think you get the point.Hello!I got a lot of criticism from the Swedish MMA media, fans and pundits on the Internet for uppdömningen at Superior Challenge, a competition that I was inducted into the flash during the night between Thursday and Friday when Grant Waterman become ill. I therefore had a day's preparations. Above all, it is about to recharge mentally. But it had nothing to do with the operative part. I am talking only about the actual conditions at the given moment.I've been away for a week and did not have access to the Internet and before that I had for the extra work and did not respond to the criticism. I did not see nor be in a hurry when I had it clear to me how it happened, even if misleading criticism is not a good thing and should be answered.I have now reviewed the video recording of the game to refresh my memory:I can understand the criticism directed at the operative part to set them up out of a dominant position if you do not have all the information (I remember I have done this at an amateur level once or twice before and it is very rare). I will now clarify my thoughts on the whole in order to clarify why I acted like I did in the match.When I stand in the ring / cage and judge, I adopt the regulations that I have been assigned to judge by. There is nothing in the rules that says you can not judge out of a dominant position. But it is up to the judge to take the decision (§ 27 Restart when inactive, 27.1 The referee may restart the match in a neutral position (standing up) if the contestants are in a deadlock or not actively working to improve position or go on clearance. Source:, although I personally think that you should avoid this in dominant positions to the extent possible, when a pole position can be totally decisive in a match. But I'm not there as a private person and what I think about how it should be is ovesäntligt and has nothing to do with the rules I must follow as a judge.In this particular case, so does the following:In the match so has Rich Clementi side position after shutdown 10:00 into the movie and I break them up 10:40 into the movie). Thus, they are in this position for 40 seconds. During this time, performed only a few strokes techniques, but mostly they are silent.If you listen carefully you can hear that I am calling on them 10:26 into the movie ("Come on guys work now"). 14 seconds later, I ask them then to stand up when it had not happened in any position. It's no fun decision to make, especially not in a game at this level with two talented fighters. But I follow the rules as I interpret them.I understand that Rich will be disappointed to be uppdömd, but I'm quite sure he heard my commands during the game and I asked them to be active. He thought maybe it was not possible to be uppdömd from that position and saw his chance to get some rest and gather strength. He was probably just very disappointed in himself that he could not / dried utilize the advantage of silk in a better way when he realized that he lost the dominant position.If I had urged them to task 14 seconds earlier, I understand the consternation and that people reacted to uppdömningen.If I had the same situation in a match today, I probably doomed the same way, maybe because I had let them go on for up to 3-5 seconds, now with hindsight. Are they passive and just resting and nothing happens, it is my place to judge them regardless of what position they have. The crucial question is when to go in and break. It is about making a quick assessment.I think the criticism is that you do not know / know / have heard me urging fighter engines shortly before the stoppage. In light of this, I understand kritken. Had I just broke them up without warning, it had been almost a misconduct, I believe, and I had been ashamed of my actions with tall dunce hat and then I would be happy leaving my seat available to someone who can do the job better.I just want to point out that I was very pleased with my performance on the SC, it felt stable and I think I brought something to the gala. Therefore, the criticism seemed only unwarranted and I found it hard to take it to me, because there had been in keeping with my idea of ??how I felt that it was.I can admit that it's tough to judge 11 pro games in a row. I would recommend all organizers to have two referees in place at more games than 80-10. It is a great responsibility that rests on your shoulders and it requires an enormous focus to ensure the athlete's safety. It is completely a para days after such an effort.I hope this brings some clarity on the matter. I do not want to seem arrogant or say that I'm right and everyone else is wrong. People can make different assessments. Had I made a mistake, I have no problem recognizing it and taken the consequences. I now have at least talked about why I ruled as I did.Do you have more questions about this so I am willing to answer as time permits.

RowdyYates site profile image  

5/19/11 6:04 PM by RowdyYates

 Yves I lived in Spring about 9 years ago and I think I cut you off in traffic once... for that Im sorry, but I was in a hurry

MentalRage site profile image  

5/18/11 8:29 PM by MentalRage

you were robbed.

Formulate Infinity site profile image  

5/18/11 7:58 PM by Formulate Infinity

I thought I was exempt, being from Texas.

cmfc site profile image  

5/18/11 3:42 PM by cmfc


Eric Bloodaxe site profile image  

5/18/11 2:04 PM by Eric Bloodaxe

Didn't see the entire fight, but the stand up was bad. Still, it's not like fighters don't get shafted by refs/judges in major orgs too, and American commissions don't usually overturn bad decisions either. People are a bit quick to call the Swedes corrupt etc.

Yves Edwards site profile image  

5/18/11 1:12 PM by Yves Edwards

You didn't say no homo. That makes it gay. Don't you watch the Boondocks?