Front kick ends fight between UFC vets


Justin Buchholz faced fellow UFC veteran Steve Lopez Saturday, and ended it with only 30 seconds left in the final round. via by a Seagal-style front kick. In the beginning, the key way to end fights in MMA was with BJJ. Then Coleman ushered in Ground N Pound. Then Mo Smith showed the sport how to Sprawl N Brawl. Now the latest key strategy appears to be the Front Kick. Are we, finally, in the Seagull era?



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free style 100 site profile image  

5/25/11 9:55 AM by free style 100

 Snap kick is not what knocked Randy C. teeth out .  Put both kick"s together in one  there is your front push kick

lildragonof site profile image  

5/24/11 8:53 PM by lildragonof

push kick is a push kick and front snap kick is front snap kick...

free style 100 site profile image  

5/24/11 7:41 PM by free style 100

 The proper name is the front push kick. It all depend"s on who your team/gym personal trainer sensi or whoever want"s to call it. Allso diffrent style's have diffrent name"s for thrre own technique. Ask steagal see what he call"s it.  The push come"s from when the kick is thrown, right before it land"s the person add"s some forward thrust to the kick right before it hit's the other person"s face,  Pretty much like a push at the end. Preformed correctly it can have devastating rusults. If a person did this kick with full power behind it the other person would have his neck snapped, and a caved in face. For some it would not even take full force. That is why it is so hard to learn, even harder to control. But hey that my OP like it or leave it. Any  long time Martial artist out there or a well trained fighter may know what i am saying                             Yea i know there own technique >

FreeCandy site profile image  

5/24/11 1:07 PM by FreeCandy

sorry dudes but atleast i got some sort of video of it.there were guys filming on the side of the cage so im sure some more video will pop up once they get it all edited and ready for whatever they do with it.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

5/24/11 12:38 PM by I AM A MOFO

lolPeople just now realize this shit actually works and shit themselves and give credit to an actor.It was always a dangerous technique.

mmamozza site profile image  

5/24/11 7:34 AM by mmamozza

Was this "news" read before posted?

RickRude site profile image  

5/24/11 7:27 AM by RickRude

Buchholz/Jeremy Stephens was a good fight

Ezekiel site profile image  

5/24/11 7:16 AM by Ezekiel

Wait that's not muay Thai . It can't be legit?!!!? Where's the ground n pound and UFC fighting bro!

Zyto site profile image  

5/24/11 3:19 AM by Zyto

Come on guys this has nothing to do with seagal

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

5/24/11 2:46 AM by ChaosOverkill

Now you've done it, although it is neat that seagal tweaked some kicks. Seagals scrotum brigade are gonna bombard this thread nowlols