U.S. DOJ seizes ten more gambling domains

by Mike Fagan | source: bloodyelbow.com

Yesterday, the DoJ seized ten more domain website domains. This time, however, the list included sportsbooks, most notably Bookmaker.com, 2Betdsi.com (BetDSI), and BetEd.com. In addition to the domain seizures, the DoJ seized 11 bank accounts located in Charlotte, North Carolina; Guam; Panama; Malta; Portugal; and the Netherlands.

Two separate indictments were filed targeting two companies and three individuals on charges of conducting an illegal gambling business and money laundering.

The DoJ previously seized the domains of the three largest U.S.-servicing poker sites -- Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet -- on April 15. The Associated Press reported yesterday that one of the defendants in that case, Bradley Franzen, plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for his testimony.

In (maybe) unrelated news, Bodog.com now redirects to Bodog.eu.

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FutonCushion site profile image  

6/6/11 4:18 PM by FutonCushion

Great news, crowbar. I actually just got my check delivered a few minutes ago. Weird how it worked out that we got our checks on the same day.Now they just have to cash. Please, please, please....

crowbar site profile image  

6/6/11 2:45 PM by crowbar

Hope it all works out for you FC.The Fed Ex man just came to my apt & gave me a check,so hopefully you get yours also.Glad I didn`t have to go pick it up like I thought I would.

TopGrinder site profile image  

6/5/11 7:58 PM by TopGrinder

 This crackdown has ruined my fave site, pokerstars!!!!! Seems like traffic is down at least 75%, It make tournies much less interesting  and less frequent

FutonCushion site profile image  

6/5/11 7:30 PM by FutonCushion

Awesome news for you. Hopefully it will be a check. I got a debit card a few years ago and it did not work. I also here grumblings about the debit card on other forums. Never had a problem cashing the checks they sent.I actually finally got a tracking number, but I am still waiting for my package. Should get here tomorrow, but bodog used DHL shipping and they suck. Was supposed to get to me last week, but they assure me it will be delivered tomorrow. We'll see.I feel so close to getting my money, but I am nervous about it getting to me. I am moving soon, so if I don't get it in the next few days I may have to redeposit the money back into bodog and cashout all over again. Don't want to do that.Seems bookmaker is taking the seizure of their domain name in stride. They insist that business is normal and this type of thing has happened in the past and it will not effect cashouts or bets.Keep me posted on your progress, and I will do the same. Good luck.

crowbar site profile image  

6/3/11 10:06 PM by crowbar

FutonCushion, I did receive a tracking number and Fed Ex delivered the package to my door (today) but I was not home at the time,so now I have to go to Fed Ex & pick it up myself. Will it be a check or some type of debit card/payment? My fingers are crossed.    

Calhoon site profile image  

5/24/11 9:05 PM by Calhoon

Does anyone have any real knowledge of what will happen to my money in the accounts at bookmaker and the open bets that were placed?

crowbar site profile image  

5/24/11 7:44 PM by crowbar

Damn. Like I say,I will keep you & everyone else posted & up to date on this thread. Thanks a ton for the info. 

FutonCushion site profile image  

5/24/11 7:41 PM by FutonCushion

No. The tracking number is for the package that is being sent. The reference number is given when your request has been approved. I have had that for a while now. Hopefully, they are a little quicker giving you the tracking number, which would mean you have been sent something.

crowbar site profile image  

5/24/11 7:35 PM by crowbar

 Question: Is the reference number the same as a tracking number? I ask because,I had my reference number less than a minute after I spoke with a representative in an e-mail.

FutonCushion site profile image  

5/24/11 7:23 PM by FutonCushion

Crowbar:I tried to cash out in mid to late April. Debit card they sent never got to me.I have since requested a check, and they said I should receive a tracking number sometime this week. But they said the same thing last week. I have cashed out before, and it only took a few days to get the tracking info, and I received my check in 5-7 business days. Not this time, though, that is why I am concerned.Here is a link to the 2+2 forums discussing the Bookmaker indictments that happened on 5/23. I wonder if Bodog is part of this somehow. I will keep you posted if I get my cash out.http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/black-friday-continues-true-poker-bookmaker-indictments-5-23-11-a-1041887/