TUF, Episode 9 recap; semi-finals matchups are set

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Team Lesnar's Chuck O'Neil (8-3) vs. Team Dos Santos' Zach Davis (4-1)

UFC president Dana White does the intros, and Steve Mazzagatti calls the action.

A touch of gloves get us started, and Zach opens with a quick jab. Zach goes low with a kick but is tagged with a quick flurry and then a straight right and a low kick. The fighters trade leather, and Zach shoots for the takedown. Chuck fends it off with his back against the cage, but Zach continues working for the single leg. Zach works knees to the legs and goes high with his clinch. The fighters jockey for underhooks and trade the occasional knee. Zach looks again for a single leg and eats some short punches. He moves back high with his clinch while the two trade ineffective knees. The ref calls for a break, and we start again. Chuck lands a nice low kick and a two-punch combo. Zach throws low kicks but doesn't have much behind them. Chuck lands another nice combo, but Zach answers. A big right lands for Chuck, and he pours on follow-up shots until Zach clinches and puts him against the cage to buy some recovery time. Zach works a single leg and looks for a trip-takedown, but Chuck stays upright. Zach lands a nice uppercut on the break and then looks for a single leg again. Chuck defends and eats a couple quick knees. The fighters finally separate and start trading punches, and Chuck unloads a vicious barrage that open facial cuts and has Zach reeling. The round ends. Chuck clearly wins it thanks to the late fireworks.

Chuck is very confident between rounds. Zach already looks beaten.

As the second round begins, Chuck knocks Zach to the mat with a low kick, works from half guard, and delivers punches. He gets to his knees and then opts to back away and allow Zach to stand. Zach lands a nice left. They circle, and Chuck snaps off another solid leg kick and follows it with lunging punches. Zach shoots for a single leg, but Chuck puts his back against the cage and fends it off. Chuck eventually collapses on top of him and into full guard. Chuck postures to his knees and then backs away again. On the restart, Zach looks depleted. Chuck lands more lunging shots and then collapses on top of Zach when he shoots. They eventually return to the standing position, and Zach presses Chuck into the cage. The punches and knees aren't effective from either fighter, and they reverse each other while fighting for position. The pace slows while they're clinched, and the ref restarts them in the center. Zach moves forward with punches but is picked apart with kicks and lunging shots. Zach is just too slow to the punch. Chuck lands a nice left-right combo, easily shakes off a low kick, and then lands a stiff right to the chin. Zach shoots for a final time, and Chuck easily avoids it as the round ends. MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Chuck in what turned out to be a pretty lopsided fight.

It's unanimous, and Chuck takes it 20-18 on all three judges' cards.

Team Dos Santos' Ryan McGillivray (11-4-1) vs. Team Lesnar's Tony Ferguson (10-2)

Josh Rosenthal gets us started, and the fight is underway.

Ryan works a jab to create distance, but Tony strikes first with a straight left. Tony then lands a nice inside leg kick and then drops Ryan with a solid short left uppercut. Tony swarms in with additional punches and forces the quick KO stoppage.

Dana announces:

-Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos' No. 4 pick) vs. Chris Cope (Team Lesnar's No. 5 pick)
 -Tony Ferguson (Team Lesnar's No. 3 pick) vs. Chuck O'Neil (Team Lesnar's injury replacement)

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ChicagoTom site profile image  

5/27/11 11:19 AM by ChicagoTom

What about Zach's face after that fight. The guy looked like he should be on an episode of "life goes on"

bryanand site profile image  

5/27/11 9:27 AM by bryanand

That was pretty bad, I'm curious to see how Dana and Brock handle this. That is something that Dana I think needs to address, that behavior goes beyond reality TV drama and reflects badly on the org. If I were Dana I would not want that guy representing my company unless he apologizes to the whole house and both coaching staffs.I feel bad for Zach, I hope the initial diagnosis is not correct.I almost don't want to root for Charlie next week, because I will be crushed if he gets beat down.

Whambo site profile image  

5/27/11 8:32 AM by Whambo

Way worse than Southworth's. Chris Leben was a bully that pissed on the weakest guys bed. I can't believe people had sympathy for him.Tony seemed like an asshole from the start. Seems like a guy who takes himself waaay to seriously. Also love his cheap suit he wears because he's all class lol.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

5/27/11 7:59 AM by Winston Wolf

Charlie gave Tony every chance to calm down and apologize but he wouldnt

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

5/27/11 6:10 AM by ChaosOverkill

TOny is a Bitch

Dead Again site profile image  

5/27/11 5:45 AM by Dead Again

 Even after the tackle, Tony was laughing while they were on the floor but when they got up and he started shoving his forearm into his face, something snapped.

Sharkman170 site profile image  

5/26/11 7:16 PM by Sharkman170

i know chuck and i was not surprised at all that he went from feeling kind of shitty having to fight tony to wanting to do terrible things to him. thats just the kind of guy he is. i also want to know why the other fighters in the house aren't even shown anymore...like at all

TheOne site profile image  

5/26/11 7:14 PM by TheOne

I like how the house (both teams) united behind Charlie, he was only continuing the behavior of the house and Tony took it to the next level. Even after Tony tackled Charlie Charlie still tried diffuse it knowing Tony was drunk. He must of tried 5 times that I saw to calm tony down. Then Tony starting talking shit about his kid. I wouldn't have blamed Charlie if he would've fucked him up. Whether he got kicked off the show or not, you don't go there. On top of that if i was another contestant and saw Charlie kicking the shit out of Tony after what he said I would do nothing to stop it just walk into another room. Drunk or not, classless.

nrallen site profile image  

5/26/11 7:00 PM by nrallen

seems everyone in the house now dislikes tony, will be tough for him with that much negativity, everyone will be cheering on chuck.don't suppose he can turn up in a terrible looking suit now and claim to be a 'class act.'

Seamus619 site profile image  

5/26/11 6:54 PM by Seamus619

 That Tony dude really did come off as a nut in that episode.