Omigawa gets win bonus after controversial decision loss


Michihiro Omigawa ended up on the wrong side of a bad decision against Darren Elkins to start the night of fights. Kenny Florian was dropped by Diego Nunes in the first round of their featherweight match-up and clearly lost the round to anyone watching, yet one judge scored the bout 30-27 for Florian.

Demian Maia took it to Mark Munoz in the first round of their middleweight match-up, but Munoz was also given a 30-27 win on a judge’s scorecard.

Florian and Munoz won their fights, rightfully, but the scoring just added fuel to the fire that mixed martial arts judging needs a serious overhaul.

“Something has to be done about the judging. It’s so bad. Not only does it affect people’s lives, it ruins everything for people that are watching,” said White following UFC 131. “You watch it and you’re like ‘what? 30-27, what fight were you watching?”

“Now we’ve got TV screens for them. What the (expletive)? You’ve got a TV screen, how did you judge that 30-27?”

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Wasa-B site profile image  

6/13/11 4:26 PM by Wasa-B

link by ancy chance?

mrmetoo site profile image  

6/12/11 5:12 PM by mrmetoo

He goes off on the judges on in his interview with Ariel

Jack Skellington site profile image  

6/12/11 5:09 PM by Jack Skellington

mrmetoo site profile image  

6/12/11 5:05 PM by mrmetoo

Pretty sure went off on the judges. Gimmie a minute to find the quotes/source

BJJkilla site profile image  

6/12/11 4:59 PM by BJJkilla

this is why the UFC will never convince the top asian fighters in there prime to come over and fight for them. every single time they go to a decision, they lose a bullshit decision.

Katsumoto site profile image  

6/12/11 4:55 PM by Katsumoto


Chromium site profile image  

6/12/11 3:47 PM by Chromium

I missed the Omigawa fight (fucking forgot it was on until right before Rosa/Beltran), so I can't objectively speak on that one. As for the rest of the fights Dave Hagen giving Florian a 30-27 score was pretty baffling, but Nelson Hamilton giving Munoz 30-27 in his fight was just straight up ridiculous. Maia was just beating his ass up that first round. Scoring round 1 for Munoz would require a judge to either be either:1) Completely incompetent2) Inebriated3) Visually impaired4) CorruptNo matter what they shouldn't be scoring professional bouts again. However, I don't think athletic commissions are too keen on firing judges for just one mindbendingly inexplicable score. so maybe go with a Three Strikes system here. After the first complete fuck up (and I'm talking just ridiculous like the 1st round going to Mark Munoz last night, not the 1st round going to Kenny Florian, even if that one was pretty bad), require the judge to spend a minimum of three months away from scoring professional bouts and have some mandatory retraining, including scoring amateur bouts. If they fuck up that badly a second time, particularly if they have the use of monitors to help them, suspend them for six months with additional mandatory retraining. If they manage to fuck up a third time, take away their license and ban them from reapplying. If you can't do your job and are hurting fighters and hurting the sport then you shouldn't have that job to begin with.It's not a perfect fix but hopefully it would get the worst offenders out of there, while sending a message to any judge who either isn't taking their job seriously, or might just possibly be on the take.

KickYoNuts site profile image  

6/12/11 3:20 PM by KickYoNuts

 First they give Omigawa future champ in his debut and now they rob him . Asian brother get no love .

HogWatcher site profile image  

6/12/11 3:15 PM by HogWatcher

@evilyoshida Dana also said they will treat Omigawa as if he won, rankings wise.

edokaz666 site profile image  

6/12/11 3:08 PM by edokaz666

i rather have Dana himself then leave it up to these scum bag horrid piece of shit judges.