10 greatest MMA fights of all time list

by Luke Thomas, Thomas Myers, Jonathan Snowden & Nate Wilcox | source: usatoday.com

The 10 best fights in the history of mixed martial arts, in chronological order
(Criteria for selection: Dramatic, with momentum swings; high-stakes, high-profile; at least one legendary fighter involved; holds up to repeated viewings)

10. Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
UFC 79; Dec. 29, 2007, at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

9. Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi
Pride 33: "The Second Coming"; Feb. 24, 2007, at Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas

8. Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn
UFC 58; March 4, 2006, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

7. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Mirko Filipovic
Pride: "Final Conflict 2005"

6. Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg
UFC 52; April 16, 2005, at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

5. Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar
The Ultimate Fighterfinale; April 9, 2005, at Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas

4. Mirko Filipovic vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Pride: "Final Conflict 2003"; Nov. 9, 2003, at Tokyo Dome

3. Randy Couture vs. Pedro Rizzo
UFC 31; May 4, 2001, at Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City

2. Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Carlos Newton
Pride 3; June 24, 1998, at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

1. Royce Gracie vs. Kimo Leopoldo
UFC 3; Sept. 9, 1994, at Grady Cole Center, Charlotte

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Recent Comments »

MakeMeBleed site profile image  

6/17/11 7:27 AM by MakeMeBleed

where the hell are Shogun VS Lil Nog, Eddie Alvarez VS Hellboy this list is wak

Live in Vegas site profile image  

6/17/11 1:57 AM by Live in Vegas

Forgot Pele vs Newton

branchdavidian site profile image  

6/17/11 1:43 AM by branchdavidian

stout/fisher 2diaz/diegokaro/diegokawajiri/alvarez

Orion site profile image  

6/17/11 1:18 AM by Orion

I think the most excited and "on the edge of my seat" I have ever been was watching Royce vs. Severn live on PPV at UFC 4. Not really an epic barnburner, but was a definite nail biter for me. This is an indication that what makes great fights to one person may not be a great fight for another...

sideshowsteve666 site profile image  

6/16/11 10:52 AM by sideshowsteve666

 Miguel Torres' fights vs. both  Maeda and Mizugaki are amongst the most exciting fights I've ever seen and either could easily be on an all time list

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

6/16/11 8:09 AM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

And Daley/Diaz already deserves some consideration.

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

6/16/11 8:08 AM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

My thoughts exactly...wtf?

LilRoyNelson site profile image  

6/16/11 8:07 AM by LilRoyNelson

It is not your list so why don't everyone quit complaining and make your own...........to someone it is their top ten how can argue something so subjective

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

6/15/11 1:29 AM by NarlyPersianDude

Honestly it's nearly impossible to make an alltime top 10 fights list. Maybe 10 or 18 years ago, but now, fuck no. I mean it's tough enough to make a top 10 fights of the year list, how do you make an alltime top 10. What is the criteria, what are the defining factors, how to elevate certain fights that are classic, over other ones.By the way, lol at GSP Penn 1 being on there. It's not even top 10 fight for either fighter, much less alltime.Chuck vs Wandy, fuck no. They where both past their prime, and too much standing and wanging. The only thing that fight showed to me was how much of their power's had faded. No way those two in their prime, would be able to just land on each other and somebody not get ko'd.Gomi vs Diaz, they are overating that fight. Diaz vs Daley was way better. Royce's best fight was not with Kimo, it was Dan Severn. Kimo was just a beefed up tough looking guy, who maybe was on something, with a decent amount of skill. Severn was the real deal, that is the Royce fight that is his signature fight, in my view.And how the fuck, can anyone leave off Misaki Santiago 2, I have never seen anything like that. It was like Frye vs Takayama and Sakuraba vs Newton rolled into one, and then some.Benson's first fight with Cerrone and his fight with Pettis where tremendous.Lil Nog and Shogun, belongs there.It's just too hard to make a top 10, at this point, if you want to have anything approaching a list that pleases people, you have to make it at least a top 25. No matter how good your intentions, a top 10, after all these great fights, will only show how many fights are missing. Follow what I am saying?

elgringo site profile image  

6/15/11 1:25 AM by elgringo

I am really happy for your list and I will let you finish. . . but Aaron Riley vs Robbie Lawler was the greatest fight of all time!