Vancouver AC head responds to Elkins vs. Omigawa decision

by Luke Thomas | source:

When Darren Elkins was given the decision over Michihiro Omigawa, the sport suffered a collective 'WTF' including, by the look on his face. No one was more publicly outraged than UFC President Dana White, who ended up paying Omigawa the win bonus, and otherwise treating him within the organization as the winner.

"It's very frustrating and it's horrible" White said. "It's just getting to the point now where when you see something that's that blatantly wrong... the hard part for me is you're affecting people's lives. It's one thing... listen; my business, you know, people get pissed off... what people are pissed off about is the fighters. How hard these guys train, how hard they work and to have somebody... we even have television monitors in front of these f------ guys now. You're watching a television monitor and you still come up with a 30-27 in these fights? You should never judge another fight as long as you live. You don't deserve to be in the fight business, you're hurting these f------ guys that are out training and working hard. It just absolutely drives me nuts."

Now Jonathan Tweedale, the Commissioner for the Vancouver Athletic Commission, speaks out on the controversial decision at UFC 131 that awarded Darren Elkins the win in his bout with Michihiro an exclusive interview with

"In the first round, Elkins backed Omigawa up with punches the entire round. He controlled the center of the cage. He was throwing a lot more shots, and landing more -- and in combination. If there is any controversy as to the outcome of the fight it must be because of the second round.

"That was a very challenging round to score. An argument can be made in favour of either fighter. Elkins landed more punches. At one point, when Omigawa came forward, he was stopped dead in his tracks by Elkins' combination punches, and at another point he was slightly buckled.  Due to Omigawa's unusual stance and balance, it was difficult to tell exactly whether he was rocked by some of these shots. However, you could see Omigawa's leg bend, and the control shift to Elkins as he landed the combo, stopping Omigawa in his tracks, taking the center of the cage, and going on the attack again.

"These sequences, as well as the total effective strikes landed, could reasonably warrant awarding the round to Elkins. Elkins didn't land many more than Omigawa, but he did land more.  (The Fightmetric numbers agree.) As to the blood - it represents something, but a cut can be caused by a glancing blow and some fighters just cut more readily than others.

"That's a round about which reasonable people can disagree. Close rounds like Round 2 of Omigawa vs Elkins serve as useful examples for discussion, to assist in refining and evolving the community's understanding of the scoring criteria, generally. And that is a good thing for the sport."

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soldierdad5417 site profile image  

6/16/11 12:10 PM by soldierdad5417

 Stop copy and pasting this. Watch any fight with Karo and Rogan's all over his nuts the entire fight. He makes a billion excuses as to how good Karo "could be" "should be" blah blah blah. This isn't the only fight he's done it, but every Karo fight has a huge pro-Karo theme.

Jaybrone site profile image  

6/15/11 7:22 AM by Jaybrone

I will listen to guys who want to argue the second for Elkins. I will respectfully disagree. But round 3 seriously? Even Elkin's corner thought he lost that round. 30-27 in that fight is absurd. So was a 30-27 at other points in the night. Just no one is outraged because the right guy won the fight. This just shows consistant issues with judging.

Haulport site profile image  

6/15/11 12:45 AM by Haulport

This is EXACTLY why if Zuffa was serious about changing things they would do everything in their power to get out from under the control of the Commissions.They will NEVER admit they did anything wrong whatsoever no matter how atrocious they are.They will never change one fucking iota everBoxing has had these same problems for DECADES and not a single thing has been done. Nothing. Not one small move in the right direction.

Dawkins site profile image  

6/14/11 10:55 PM by Dawkins

Yes I do believe my judgement is better then fight metric. I've seen the fight 8 times now. Not all those punches landed. Omigawa landed way more effective strikes. It's not a race to to see who lands more weak punches to the arm or shoulder. I don't even care who wins, but whats right is right. It was a robbery. It's more common now then ever.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

6/14/11 10:53 PM by The Notorious OMG

maybe his mentor is douglas crosby aka the best in the biz?kizer and tweendale could find a way to rationalize a 30-27 decision for liddell in the chuck/rashad fight if you just gave them a couple hours.

Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

6/14/11 10:27 PM by Bentleysuper8

Why would joe be going around throwing large wading birds?I've heard of blue herons, grey herons and white herons but not red herons. Are you sure he wasn't throwing out the tropical swamp dwelling Egretta rufescens (reddish egret)?Just wondering.

PolishConnection site profile image  

6/14/11 10:10 PM by PolishConnection

motorboater-When Buffer anounced the third judge scored the bout 30-27 I thought they had scored it for Omigawa as well. I was very sure at the time that Omigawa had won the third round and that was very fresh in my mind. I think Darren had the same reaction when he heard 30-27. That being said you can clearly hear me in the corner between the 1st and 2nd telling him that he won the round. Likewise, you can hear me tell him between the 2nd and 3rd that, while it was closer, that he also probably won that round. You can be sure that I don't instruct a fighter who's coner I'm working that he's up going into the third unless I truely believe it.

thai_box84 site profile image  

6/14/11 10:09 PM by thai_box84

 he was confident he won until buffer said the judges score of 30-27. Thats the only reason he thought he lost and had such a reaction to his name being called. He knew he won rd1 and knew rd2 was close, and was sure he lost rd3. Dawkins, are you saying your judgement is better than fight metric's? The way i see it, Elkins landed 35 to Omigowa's 19 in round 1, and Elkins landed 37 to Omigowa's 26 in round 2 for total strikes in those rounds

Billy Butcher site profile image  

6/14/11 10:06 PM by Billy Butcher

I love how people can just dance around the obvious. Elkins lost that fight, Omigawa won. The longer people let these shit Athletic Commissions talk their way out of terrible decisions by these judges the more it's going to happen.People like Jonathan Tweedale and Keith Kizer are ruining this sport.

motorboater site profile image  

6/14/11 9:43 PM by motorboater

even fucken elkins thought he lost.just look at his reaction to the judges score then after buffer announced he won.