Zaromskis vs. Sakurai rematch booked for Dream

by Daniel Herbertson | source:

Another champion has been added to DREAM's upcoming event as DREAM welterweight champion and 2009 Welterweight GP champion Marius Zaromskis will rematch former pound-for-pound great Hayato "Mach" Sakurai in a non-title bout at Fight for Japan: DREAM 2011 Bantamweight Japan Tournament Final.

Prior to their first meeting during the 2009 Welterweight GP, Sakurai had struggled badly to cut the required weight and questions were raised as to his readiness and commitment to fighting. During the bout however, Sakurai traded evenly with Zaromskis early but was eventually on the receiving end of the Lithuanian's signature head kick and was pounded out for the first round stoppage.

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Steve4192 site profile image  

6/23/11 8:09 PM by Steve4192

What new blood?It's not like Nippon has been producing a cornucopia of new talent.

Haadogei site profile image  

6/23/11 6:56 PM by Haadogei

i would rather see Zaromskis and Sakurai fight some new blood in Japan rather than each other.

Steve4192 site profile image  

6/23/11 6:49 PM by Steve4192

Let's not get carried away. Mein got beat less than a year ago by the Jason High and has five other losses on his record to dudes I have never heard of (Ricci, Guillet, Hesson, Manderson, Jenson). He's a good prospect, but that's about as far as it goes.

Havik site profile image  

6/23/11 6:37 PM by Havik

Right now everybody is getting whooped by Mein. I don't see Zaromskis in the top WW bracket, but using a loss to Jordan as a validation point doesn't make sense.

Thacommish site profile image  

6/23/11 5:37 PM by Thacommish

i dont even want to begin questioning zaromskis being a top ww, but out of curiosity who are the others that were never the same lol?

Steve4192 site profile image  

6/23/11 1:10 PM by Steve4192

Mach will crush him.Zaromskis won that tournament largely because no one had any film on him and didn't know to watch out for the headkick at the end of his combinations. Now that everyone knows it is coming, he hasn't landed one since, and he can't win without it.Regardless of whether Mach shows up in shape or rolls in after an all-nighter at the Korean BBQ, he won't let the one trick pony beat him again.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

6/23/11 1:03 PM by UltraMagnus

Another top WW that was never the same again after Nick Diaz beat 'em....

TRO11er site profile image  

6/23/11 11:15 AM by TRO11er

 He won NYE lol noob

jjj2121 site profile image  

6/23/11 11:13 AM by jjj2121

 They fed Sakuraba to him on NYE

Aryan Street Boxer site profile image  

6/23/11 11:10 AM by Aryan Street Boxer

Yawn...when is the last time Zromski's has won a fight? He just got whooped by a 21 yr old Jordan Mein 2 weeks ago.