Nunes coach wants Florian elbows evaluated

by Marcelo Barone | source:

Andre Pederneiras,head-coach of Nova Uniao, and coach to Diego Nunes said his student’s loss to Kenny Florian in UFC 131, to the blood loss during the fight.

“Diego started OK, he won the first round and got a knockdown" said Pederneiras.:"After that, I guess the cuts on head and the great blood loss were undermining his resistance, because he was doing great on the training and he was ready to fight three rounds."

“Those elbows, the way I see it, for where they hit him, should be reanalyzed... I’m not taking Kenny Florian’s credits for the win, not at all, but I took some pictures of Diego’s head, and I want to send it to UFC, asking them if those spots are legal. I don’t want them to change the result of the fight, because Florian was better and earned it, but I want to know if it’s legal so that I can tell my students to do it. Sometimes the rules change and we lose a fight for a silly detail."

The head-coach of Nova Uniao affirmed he has no news about a possible bout between Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian for the featherweight title. “We don’t know anything about the date of the bout and not even if it’ll actually happen. For now, it’s just speculation."

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Recent Comments »

demandango site profile image  

6/26/11 2:27 PM by demandango

the back of the head rule is designed to protect the spine. i'm not a florian fan, but those elbows are, and ought to be legal. the fact that the blood loss could affecct the outcome of the fight shows those elbows are legit techniques and not dirty shots.

Tad Ghostal site profile image  

6/26/11 1:16 PM by Tad Ghostal

Love the elbows, don't know why we don't see them more.Also, Anderson was warned for 12-6 elbows from his back against Lutter, so it is possible.

Leghound site profile image  

6/26/11 12:49 PM by Leghound

How does training somehow make him more able to read and the rule's clearly stated definition? It's one thing to say you think the rule is wrong, but using the 'never trained a day in your life' argument as if training automatically levels up somebody's reading comprehension bottles the mind

Old Timey site profile image  

6/26/11 9:44 AM by Old Timey

  When your getting your @ss kicked while in somebodys guard from elbows and you duck your head to not get hit in the face its your fault not the guy throwing elbows. If you keep ducking your head and brining it back up and ducking it again over and over while your opponent is throwing elbows" Lauzon fight"  your gonna get hit all over the head. That your fault.   He beat Nunes and Lauzon up. The elbows had nothing to do with the outcome of either fight! Like another poster said  Sour Grapes!!!  

Master Bater site profile image  

6/26/11 9:06 AM by Master Bater

Look lets face it.... Florian is a cheat, The 12-6 rule is wrong... we all know that ALL Americans cant fight.... not real fighting.... im the best and that grapple and pound ninja or whatever his name is has never trained a day in his entire life.... never has, never will... he's probably an office worker of some kind that worte on the UG in between data entry.... who rushes home to check the UFC rule book in his Jone "bones" jones pygama's and his brock lesner bed coverLive with it cock suckers!!!

orcus site profile image  

6/25/11 7:10 PM by orcus

 "Orcus: You are focusing too much on cuts and the potential of a fight being stopped from blood. You can KTFO a fighter with a shot to the back of head or neck. A little heads up for ya, if you get into a fight with no rules, go for the back of the head cuz it's just that easy." Seems like it would be pretty much impossible for someone lying on their back to KO the guy on top with that kind of glancing elbow. Maybe if you sat all the way up and the top guy's head was basically in your lap and you did a (real) 12-6 elbow.

ClockChokeOrange site profile image  

6/25/11 7:06 PM by ClockChokeOrange

Why are Nunes and Lauzon snuggling their head into his chest when he is throwing elbows from the guard. They're on top, they should posture up and rain blows. Pussification of rules here. People act as if Florian is a ninja and disappears in a cloud of smoke to suddenly reappear behind his opponent and strike the back of their noggins with an elbow!

Administrator site profile image  

6/25/11 6:48 PM by Administrator

When i first read the title i thought the dude was gonna say that FLorian filed his elbows to make them sharper. Lol

Kenflo24 site profile image  

6/25/11 1:53 PM by Kenflo24

Holy shit I want to see Florian/Aldo. That fight would be the epic.

orcus site profile image  

6/25/11 12:33 PM by orcus

 It's been explained a hundred times by refs, including BJM, that 12-6 means CEILING to FLOOR. Period. Not "in a straight trajectory from your perspective." From the CEILING of the arena to the FLOOR of the cage. That's it.