Eddie Bravo: Royler has until July 10 to accept challenge

source: bjpenn.com

ADCC recently proposed a “masters” grappling superfight between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie for the 2011 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championships, which takes place Sept. 24-25 in Nottingham, England. The proposed match erupted in controversy, and now Bravo has said firmly that Gracie must commit by July 10.

“I was looking forward to it too. I thought it would be a great way to finish off my career and I’ve always been into it and down for it. He called it a fluke and said I got lucky. This is a good opportunity for him to prove I was lucky the first time and it’s a good opportunity for me to prove I wasn’t lucky.

I want to do it, I’ve always been down to do it, I would never turn down the match unless he waits too long. If this is him posturing and trying to wait, if he waits too long we will just postpone it because that’s not going to happen. That ploy aint gonna work.

Basically I’m giving him until July 10th. If he hasn’t agreed to it by July 10th than I’m not doing it all unless it’s the following Abu Dhabi. If he waits too long, I see what he’s trying to do, he’s trying to posture so I’m not going to accept after July 10th. He’s had plenty of time, plenty of opportunity to accept.

He’s had since May 10th to finalize and agree to it so after July 10th it’s off… After that, you heard it here, I’m not gonna accept I’m just gonna focus on my album.“

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Recent Comments »

BenBJJ site profile image  

7/4/11 9:01 AM by BenBJJ

Eddie has Ari.

Master Bater site profile image  

7/3/11 4:32 PM by Master Bater

what...........hell i have more than 250 students myself, and im NO Royler Gracie!!!!

FenceGrab site profile image  

7/3/11 2:55 PM by FenceGrab

Taking 2 months off out of RETIREMENT to train and become a competitor again is going to cost him money.Even if he doesn't have 250 students,even if he had 100, that is still 20K a month,2 months to train, 40K. Add in two months of seminars, etc...(I also don't think Eddie does NEARLY as many seminars as Royler, look at his website / twitter, look at Roylers website schedule)He feels like he is worth the amount, based on his name and how much money he would lose.Who are you to say otherwise?Do you hate every MMA fighter who tries to negotiate for more money?Would you let a promotion sell an entire event on your match and have NO signed agreement for payment for it? (you wouldn't, or you'd be a fucking idiot)

Dabeskeptsecret site profile image  

7/3/11 1:29 PM by Dabeskeptsecret

Granted this is true, but where is Royler's Academy? Not only that, i'd HIGHLY doubt Royler has 250 students. Saulo doesnt even have 250 students.At the end of the day, Royler isnt doing anything any different than Eddie. Eddie has affiliate schools, students of his own, private lessons that he gives, and seminars across the world that he does. However whats ironic is that Eddie has the time to do this match, to prove that a fight that he's already won was not a fluke. However, the same cant be said for Royler, because he's concerned with getting $50k, JUST to show up. Royler has said the win was the fluke, and now when its time to put the money where his mouth is, he's ducking out.Now all of this is being said with all due respect to Royler. I am not a big Eddie Bravo or 10thPJJ fan, however Eddie HAS in fact stated on numerous occasions that he wanted to have a rematch, and would do it under any circumstances. Eddie has just as much money to lose from taking time out to train for this fight as Royler, and Eddie is perfectly willing to do it, because i'm sure that Eddie is confident in the thought that he could win.Maybe Royler isnt as confident on himself beating Eddie, but maybe more so he's afraid that he'll lose again, and do nothing but set in stone that Eddie is the better grappler.

FenceGrab site profile image  

7/2/11 10:36 PM by FenceGrab

Say Royler has 250 students at 200 a month = 50K a month.Also, he does about 3 seminars a month = 10K a month.(He did TEN in April)So, you can see how 50K a month is VERY attainable.If he charges 3K for a seminar he make 30K in April just on seminars, not to mention dues from affiliates, and dues from his own school.

FenceGrab site profile image  

7/2/11 10:31 PM by FenceGrab

Right, and he put his time in.Was anyone calling Helio to fight when he was fucking 80?No.He put his time and fights in.As has Royler.He has proved everything he needs to,and you feel like he needs to do more? For what?Some fucking moron on the UG who probably isn't a fan,doesn't train, and doesn't know shit about BJJ anyway.

FenceGrab site profile image  

7/2/11 10:30 PM by FenceGrab

More than one reliable source has stated than before taxes is very easy to pull in 50K a month with a string of successful gyms, not counting seminars.think about this.200 a month to train250 students = 50 thousand dollars a month.Now, I am sure Royler has more than 200 students.Shit, Gracie Barra Seattle has 400 students.

Dazed and Confused site profile image  

7/2/11 9:56 PM by Dazed and Confused

Seminars is where he makes the money and tons of it tax free

XmmaAddictX site profile image  

7/2/11 9:43 PM by XmmaAddictX

fencegrab eat a dick.all im sayin is what the gracie family proclaims. They built their legacy on challenge matches and money was never an issue. they wanted to prove that their "style" was the best. and as far as you calling me a moron you can go fuck yourself you sack of shit. im on here posting my opinion if you dont like it read on instead of posting just to get your post count up you fucking loser.

Dabeskeptsecret site profile image  

7/2/11 9:31 PM by Dabeskeptsecret

Makes more than $25k in the 2 months it would take him to come out of retirement to prepare? I call BS on that. That would mean that he's clearing damn near $300k in a years time. RGDA Yearly dues - Lets round up to $1,800 x 50 schools = $90k. This is then split up between him and David, and then thats not including taxes, and whatever overhead fee's there are.Saulo's School - I'm sure Royler makes money from private lessons, but AFAIK people arent kicking down doors to get Royler privates, but lets say at $200 per month, he does about 10 private lessons, totaling $2k per month.So you have the private lesson money he gets, plus the RGDA yearly dues. All thats left now is seminars. So assuming he charges $3k for a seminar, that would mean he'd have to put on like 200+ seminars per year to cover that spread.Not to mention that Eddie has a whole association just like Royler, teaches private lessons just like Royler, and flies around to do seminars just like Royler.So yea, him acting like $25k isnt good money is BS.