Now that's a broken nose!


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cormano_wild site profile image  

7/21/11 7:26 PM by cormano_wild

herped when he shoulda derped

BET MMA site profile image  

7/21/11 11:55 AM by BET MMA

Yea, thats something to smile about...Enjoy the lack of cardio and sleep your gonna get McGillivray; deviated septum's are a serious problem for fighter's.Ahh McGillivray barely throws any punches and his takedowns are amateur; he won't be fighting good competition anymore anyway

Chiron site profile image  

7/21/11 2:17 AM by Chiron

Looks like Quato is getting ready to make an appearance.

Harlem site profile image  

7/21/11 1:26 AM by Harlem

 that is why you don't go "all star" while sparring... lol Looks painful.

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

7/21/11 1:12 AM by KevinMcAllister

when i saw this i went

Mayonesa site profile image  

7/21/11 12:29 AM by Mayonesa

How many pens will Josh Barnett need to fix that?

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

7/21/11 12:27 AM by Gnarls Gnarlington

he's always getting fucked up. I guess he "nose" what he's doing.

Reckoner site profile image  

7/20/11 11:57 PM by Reckoner