Spratt scores huge kayo at Legacy FC 7

source: legacyfights.tv


Friday July 22, 2011
Arena Theater
Houston, Texas
Main card aired live on HDNet.

Carlo Prater (28-10) won by SUB over Cameron Dollar (9-3)
[6:53] - 1:53 Round 2 - kimura

{Featherweight Championship}
Daniel Pineda (14-7) won by SUB over Frank Gomez (10-4)
[12:25] - 2:25 Round 3 - rear-naked choke

Pete Spratt (23-20) won by TKO over Antonio Flores (4-3)
[0:25] - Round 1 - punch

Jonathan Mackles (9-1) won by SUB over Chad Robichaux (11-2)
[0:45] - Round 1 - guillotine choke

Jesus Rivera (5-2) won by TKO over Rey Trujillo (8-7)
[11:53] - 1:53 Round 3 - elbows and punches

Justin Reiswerg (3-1) won by UD over Marc Ramirez (3-2)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds

Larry Crowe (4-1) won by TKO over Jermaine Anugwom (0-1)
Round 1 - punches

Jared Chaffee (1-0) won by SUB over Alex Black (1-3)
Round 2 - rear-naked choke

Shelby Sheehan (1-0) won by UD over David Armas (0-1)
[15:00] - 3 Rounds

Tony Orozco (1-0) won by TKO over David McClung (1-4)
[2:33] - Round 1 - punches


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CaseHarts site profile image  

7/23/11 5:14 PM by CaseHarts

Can we let it go and move on we can agree to disagree because neither of us are budging. We just see it differently and that's human it's okay. If you are a gb I wish you luck if not I wish you the same but, if were at a grappling tourney il be bringing it. It's the greatest sport in the world let's be the greatest fans

CaseHarts site profile image  

7/23/11 4:59 PM by CaseHarts

Just because he's a gb does not mean that they'd be up in arms against anyone. If there local and train with him then it not only offends him it offends the legitimacy of their training. and no you idiot I wouldn't single handedly walk up and insult them. It's kind of like fedor ( btw big fan) as well but people are delusional if people think he got caught alone. He jumped into the guard of arguably the best grappler in the world at hw and got caught. Same with chad he underestimated someone. Back to your point i would do that because getting jumped isn't fun. I've wrestled and trained for years i know what's unrealistic and your scenario is unrealistic. I've been beaten and beaten gb guys. I don't totally discredit them, i just see a ceiling to the training in a gb gym. but it's a monetized art with them and that in my eyes disrespects the art.Yes other gracies and grapplers have gyms but not like that. It's not the same a gym should be a gym. They've branded and turned into a Corp. Btw the part where you said 'if you said no then you better hope they had self restraint' well if I said no the whole idea of being attacked by then becomes a fallacy. In the end since I said his ground game is overrated and that I hate corporation bjj aka mcdojos. You are upset and I'm a young kid who knows nothing theres bjj practioners all over Houston eons beyond the guys and gb woodlands. Tooke, shindler, renan, etc ... 

Formulate Infinity site profile image  

7/23/11 4:27 PM by Formulate Infinity

Let me put this in perspective for you kid. Had you been watching the fights last night at a bar and you saw a table full of GB guys, would you have walked up to them and said, "Robo got exposed, I question the legitimacy of his black belt, and all you guys train at a mcdojo with no sense of family or brotherhood,"? Would you? If you said yes you're probably a liar, and if not then you had better hope all those GB guys were in a good mood and practiced a lot of self-restraint.That is why you're a punk, it has nothing to do with me being upset about Chad losing. No fight could possibly upset me after a long string of disappointments with my favorite fighters, culminating in Fedor's first loss. My feelings on losses are untouchable now.

Formulate Infinity site profile image  

7/23/11 4:20 PM by Formulate Infinity

I mean medal of valor of course, not medal of honor. See I can't be trusted with hype stuff, I just mess it up.

Formulate Infinity site profile image  

7/23/11 4:11 PM by Formulate Infinity

For everyone up in arms about it not being a military medal of honor, nevermind the fact it is still a medal of honor, forgive me. I never intended to misrepresent Chad or his accomplishmments (I have no vested interest in doing either). I was merely giving a shout out to Chad and giving some background info for everyone watching the fights. Excuse me if I didnt write a detailed synopses on everything. Looking back I probaly could change the wording, but nothing non-factual was said.Get a life of your own folks, and maybe you could accomplish half of what Chad has, so you wouldn't feel so inadequate about seeing someone elses accomplishments.

Horus2001 site profile image  

7/23/11 4:05 PM by Horus2001

i have utmost respect for the military and not shitting on anything. i am just clarifying what the medal was given for.it is disingenuous to discuss someone's military accomplishments and then in the next sentence imply that the medal he has is from the military service rather from his stint in Mayberry PD.maybe if the message was clearer on the part of the messenger and was more truthful, there would have been no confusion. don't whine at me when you are the one who is unable to clearly write out what accomplishments are which. maybe you should be clearer when you attempt to trumpet the deeds and feats of your teacher, coach, Raison d'être)

CaseHarts site profile image  

7/23/11 3:52 PM by CaseHarts

Everyones getting but hurt In this thread he's a good guy he's accomplished a lot. But no there mans perfect so don't argue with then ....

AceAtGSU site profile image  

7/23/11 3:50 PM by AceAtGSU

I don't have a dog in this fight but it was indeed misleading the way the medal thing was represented. Seems almost intentional from the reactions afterwards. I am not shitting on anyones accomplishments either, I am sure whatever he did get the medal for was heroic in some way.

CaseHarts site profile image  

7/23/11 3:22 PM by CaseHarts

Btw hater's gonna hate phrase doesn't really make sense unless he won and We didn't agree. But he lost definitively. The kids will run this sport soon so dont be so quick to call people punks

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

7/23/11 3:21 PM by soldierdad5417

Horus2001, good find. I took it as Brian Stann's Silver Star, not the one he got for drawing a blue duck just because he wanted to make the duck blue when he had to repeat the 3rd grade either. That was misleading the way his buddy presented it.