Nam Phan caught off guard being asked to fight Brown


Nam will next face former world champion Mike Brown come August 6th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for UFC 133. Though excited for the opportunity, Phan is not sure how the promotion views him at this point: a prized commodity or a scrub?

“Either they think that ‘Nam Phan, he’s not that bad, let’s throw him up against some big sharks’, or ‘let’s see if we can get him beat, let’s throw him up against some big sharks,” says Nam with an unfiltered laugh.

“The Brown fight, after I broke my foot, I talked to the matchmaker Sean Shelby and he goes, ‘Alright Nam, I’ve got a fight for you,’ and I go ‘Oh, awesome, who is it?’ He says ‘Mike Brown’, and I’m like ‘Mike Brown? Dude, come on! That’s kind of a tough fight. You couldn’t give me a warm-up or something?””

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GTFOOHWTBS site profile image  

7/31/11 5:03 PM by GTFOOHWTBS

Not sure if this is accurate, but someone posted this in the comments regarding the back story to this video.The big guy wasn’t necessarily a bully but was doubting Nam Phan’s talents as a martial artist. He ignorantly believed size > skill & speed. And yes there were racial slurs involved. They settled it after high school at their gymnasium and the rest if history. He got he’s ass whooped and handed over to him. It wasn’t an overhand right, it was a wild but fast feint jab-cross combo and some added ground and pound to put his ego back up his ass.

Haadogei site profile image  

7/31/11 3:57 PM by Haadogei

this Nam Phan thread took an odd turn. Never heard about any of this stuff.

Honolii site profile image  

7/31/11 3:52 PM by Honolii


Honolii site profile image  

7/31/11 6:10 AM by Honolii

Here's a fact, the video shows Nam knocking that guy down. Show me a video of Nam getting knoked down as you stated, picking on others as you stated. Until you do, they are all hearsay. As you say, Just the facts...

Honolii site profile image  

7/31/11 6:08 AM by Honolii

Uh, how so? I'm not the one bringing up Nam's high school fights. I was just responding to the dudes inquiries. He asked someone to show the full video and I went and looked for one and that was the only one I found which I thought MIGHT be the whole video. How should I have know it wasn't? I wasn't in high school then. Maybe he should have shown the whole video because he seemed to talk as he has sources. Then he asked why Nam was fighting the untrained guy in the video. I again, gave an answer that MIGHT be right, to answer his question. Then he asked, "What's going on?" because he seemed like he didn't comprehend and was stoned or something, so I gave him advice.So, how is that High School?

TheSuperiorMan site profile image  

7/31/11 5:51 AM by TheSuperiorMan

 Just the facts...  

Dead Again site profile image  

7/31/11 5:49 AM by Dead Again

Seems like you haven't really gotten past the high school phase either. Nam is a bully and in true bully fashion, he doesn't want to fight someone that will light him up. Brown is gonna put a beating on him.  

Gino_Corona site profile image  

7/31/11 5:46 AM by Gino_Corona

I heard that Nam felt so bad about the fight afterwards that he did the guy's homework for the rest of the week and reformated his computer.

Honolii site profile image  

7/31/11 5:45 AM by Honolii

I don't know what's going on. I ask myself that, seeing those fights you talk about happened in high school. Time to move on. You can't live in the past Dude.Maybe you're having high school withdrawals.Have you thought about seeing a counselor, or maybe moving out of your mom's house?

Dead Again site profile image  

7/31/11 5:44 AM by Dead Again

 I hope Brown lights him up.