Unemployed Hendo wants Jones vs. Rampage winner

by Gareth A Davies | source: telegraph.co.uk

“I think that could be interesting going forward, a unification fight with the winner of that contest would be a good match,” Dan Henderson told Telegraph Sport from his home tonight.

“I’m the Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, I’ve beaten Fedor, and I’m unemployed, so we’ll have to see what the talks are now after I’ve had a few weeks off. It’s not a bad position to be in though.”

“I’m not really looking to go back to middleweight (vs. Anderson Silva). I’m happy at light-heavyweight. It’s where I feel most comfortable."

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Rucking Fetard site profile image  

8/2/11 7:30 PM by Rucking Fetard

He didnt just beat them he ktfo all of them

TexDeuce site profile image  

8/2/11 6:45 PM by TexDeuce

Hendo has a good shot against either one of those guys

Nomad Nemesis site profile image  

8/2/11 6:32 PM by Nomad Nemesis

and he beat fedori guess you haven't been watching nick diaz beat mr. cyborg and paul daley to get a title shot at gspyou might want to edit your post, just thought you should know


8/2/11 6:17 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 Business As .......

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

8/2/11 6:08 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 hendo has wanted to destroy tito for years as well

FortyKoatz site profile image  

8/2/11 3:29 PM by FortyKoatz

I thought Hendo v rampage 1 was a really close fight and could have went either way. The second one would probably play out similarly. Hendo v Jones would b epic. We need to see someone who can test Jones's chin and Hendo is the man for the job. Jones gets most of his takedowns from the clinch and we all know how strong Hendo is there. This fight would be fucking epic.

A Dingo Ate My Creepy site profile image  

8/2/11 3:18 PM by A Dingo Ate My Creepy

 pay the legend Dana

Ice Cubes on Kiriks Nipples site profile image  

8/2/11 3:16 PM by Ice Cubes on Kiriks Nipples

Rampage/Hendo = fun fightBones/Hendo = 1 sided massacre by Bones :(

CGJiuJitsu site profile image  

8/2/11 3:06 PM by CGJiuJitsu

Go get 'em, Hendo.  I agree, Dan at 205 is Exactly where he needs to be...

aces_taylor site profile image  

8/2/11 3:02 PM by aces_taylor