Epic Team Nogueira training gallery

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carcaju site profile image  

8/10/11 9:25 AM by carcaju

This is in Recreio in Rio De Janeiro. Bigfoot came to train with Team Nog after the Fedor fight. I got to meet him, the Nog brothers, JZ Cacalcante and Fejaio at a bar watching UFC 133. All a bunch of cool guys. Bigfoots fist is about as big as my head!Big Nog absolutely pasted Bigfoot in the sparring and subbed him twice when they were rolling.Team Bigfoot is scary.

tomp6581 site profile image  

8/7/11 6:29 PM by tomp6581


Severnsmustache site profile image  

8/7/11 6:27 PM by Severnsmustache

where is Segal?

Hugh Jaynus site profile image  

8/7/11 6:07 PM by Hugh Jaynus

I believe Bigfoot just recently started training with them; after the Fedor fight.As far as the trainers, I don't know who is training their striking/wrestling, but Ricardo De La Riva (gave Nog's their black belts) and Ramon Lemos (coach of Atos BJJ, tearing up the sport BJJ scene recently) are in there too.

Radio Raheem site profile image  

8/7/11 5:38 PM by Radio Raheem

Is this still in South Florida?

Clarence Parents site profile image  

8/7/11 5:25 PM by Clarence Parents

Chael said he would burn down Blackhouse.. this is Team Noguiera.. may sort of look the same on the surface.. but not quite.

carcaju site profile image  

8/7/11 5:10 PM by carcaju

I swung by the gym this week. It is a great facility.

martialarts4 site profile image  

8/7/11 5:02 PM by martialarts4

Where is Lyoto? in belem with Glover Texeira?

goeb site profile image  

8/7/11 4:29 PM by goeb

He trains with Nova Unio. I don't recall him ever training at Blackhouse with all the lightweight talent they have at N.U., could be wrong though.When did Bigfoot start training there? That's deadly, was it before the fedor fight?I'm out of the loop, who are these trainer sin the images, i know mario sperry, I feel bad not knowing the rest.

Shinsplint site profile image  

8/7/11 3:32 PM by Shinsplint

Where is Mr. Aldo?