Toney trying to curse his way into a Rampage fight


The once great, once intelligible James Toney is looking for further paydays in MMA.

Toney aggravated his way into MMA through relentless stalking of UFC President Dana White, and then exited it without having thrown a single side check kick, or punch, in his fight with Randy Couture.

Then he signed to fight Ken Shamrock, in a bout that Shamrock's recent recent fight withdrawals indicate may never happen.

Now he is apparently trying to goad Rampage into a fight, with loaded language like "Talk to yo' master ... come holler at me boy." and just plain empty-headed language like "Hillbilly bitch."



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CindyO site profile image  

8/17/11 5:04 PM by CindyO

 VTFD! Cindy

supersaiyan site profile image  

8/17/11 4:43 PM by supersaiyan

dont feel embarrassed for a degrace and ignorant person like Toney man...he did it to himself...willingly

supersaiyan site profile image  

8/17/11 4:42 PM by supersaiyan

they should just sanction it as a bar fight imo :)

supersaiyan site profile image  

8/17/11 4:39 PM by supersaiyan

it was 36 seconds...i counted literally from the bell lol

RowdyYates site profile image  

8/17/11 3:11 AM by RowdyYates

I would like to see Rampage fight Toney in a bar. And for sake of this story I would prefer it if Rampage had his BA Baracus hair cut

RowdyYates site profile image  

8/17/11 3:05 AM by RowdyYates

He will need to learn to check kicks too cause that never ends well for boxers

Aussie MMA site profile image  

8/17/11 2:38 AM by Aussie MMA

I felt pretty embarrassed for toney after watching Randy kick his ass. Don't really wanna see it happen again.

32m site profile image  

8/17/11 1:59 AM by 32m

I'm surprised that the trolls aren't saying, "Rampage is ducking Toney".

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

8/17/11 1:48 AM by The Notorious OMG

the joke is on the dummy who doesn't realize the IRS showed up and took that fool's paycheckand, it happened ONCE, a year ago. and will never happen again. he's not exactly making a career out of this whole "winning" thing

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

8/17/11 1:45 AM by The Notorious OMG

rampage would throw a hook, pick toney up, brutally hulksmash him, and drop ground & pound bricks down until the back of his head went through the octagon floorbest case scenario, toney lasts 1 minuterampage has legit and serious competition to worry about right now