James Toney down 44 lbs, taking MMA seriously

source: 8countnews.com

Toney is 213lbs and looks like a machine!  Toney spoke to 8CN just moments ago, "You haven't seen anything yet.  I may even fight at cruiserweight."  Toney has been hitting the gym very hard after having a serious discussion with his wife and dad, "My wife and pops sat down with me and they told me to take my career serious."  By the looks of JT now, he listened to them.  8CN will keep you up to speed on the new version of James "Light's Out" Toney.

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chroniccomics5 site profile image  

8/17/11 10:00 PM by chroniccomics5

Toney's ready to wreck shop in MMA

Kanabull site profile image  

8/17/11 5:29 AM by Kanabull

Not to mention the fight is supposed to be special rules and the first round will be stand up only...

Kanabull site profile image  

8/17/11 5:29 AM by Kanabull

Ken will go low kick all day me thinks.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/17/11 5:23 AM by ChaosOverkill

Drama queens ruining MMA how does it work?

Kanabull site profile image  

8/17/11 5:22 AM by Kanabull

Never respond to somebody like this. There are only two possibilities.1) He's a troll.2) He really has never seem Toney fight and would be dense enough to make a serious statement about Kimbo beating Toney in a boxing match. Not only beating him, but with a quick KO.Either way, no point in responding. Just my 2 cents.Also, Toney looks like he's been hitting the weights. God damn does he look sexy. Ken Shamrock is about to get beat into a livig death!

TanPour site profile image  

8/17/11 5:15 AM by TanPour

Kimbo, is that you?? Look just like him with that cool beard! I want one!

EvilMaster site profile image  

8/17/11 5:06 AM by EvilMaster

This is what happens when a boxer adapts an MMA training regime.

FatBuddha site profile image  

8/17/11 4:59 AM by FatBuddha

Is he fighting Shamrock? He's a complete idiot if he doesn't have his heel hook or knee bar defense DOWN PAT. From my experience with boxers and wrestlers, for some reason they just refuse to go to a jiujitsu school and actually learn.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

8/17/11 1:34 AM by CLINTK9

ttt for "Lights Out"Make it Happen Dana!Toney vs Rampage (in Detroit!)

UnderTheClock site profile image  

8/16/11 6:04 PM by UnderTheClock

"Ken will shit himself if someone shows him this."  He won't care at all.  As far as Big Country, he would beat him in the same time Randy did, regardless of the weight of either.  Quick takedown and sub. Same with Ken if he could shoot (which he hasn't been able to do for the greater part of a decade).