Mike Whitehead to make no-contest plea in sexual assault case

by Dave Toplikar | source: lasvegassun.com

Heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter Michael "Iron Mike" Whitehead reached an agreement today with Clark County prosecutors to make a no-contest Alford plea for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a woman about a year and a half ago in his Las Vegas home.

When Whitehead is arraigned in Clark County District Court, he will plead guilty, to a lesser charge of one felony count of attempted sexual assault, his attorney William Terry said.

Whitehead had been arrested on charges of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault and open and gross lewdness and also faced possible drug charges involving marijuana found growing in his home.

Under the agreement, the district attorney’s office will make no recommendation on sentencing, assuming that Whitehead gets a favorable psycho-sexual report prior to sentencing, Terry said.

The alleged incident happened April 10, 2010, when a woman filed a police report that the MMA fighter had assaulted her.

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The former TUF competitor was initially charged with doing far more than attempting a sexual assault. Whitehead was arrested for sexually assaulting a female friend following a barbeque at the fighter’s home in April of last year. Whitehead invited the victim and her friend to stay the night after they’d had too much to drink; once the pair had passed out in his bed, he allegedly removed the clothes of one of the women and began having sex with her while fondling the other female. The victim awoke and ordered him to stop, but he continued for several more minutes before sitting quietly in a chair next to the bed.

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Whitehead appeared  with limited success on TUF 2, and after a subsequent loss to Keith Jardine at UFC 57, was cut by the UFC. He then fought for the International Fight League, Affliction Entertainment, and M-1 before signing with Strikeforce, where "Iron Mike" beat Kevin Randleman and lost to King Mo. He most recently fought for Pure Fighting Championships and IFC in 2010.


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8/23/11 12:44 AM by Sierra Nevada

 Like Mr. Whitehead.

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I give up.

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8/22/11 7:46 PM by LayNprayNINJA

 31. Close. :-P Did you care to respond to anything I wrote, or is this just a "I'm older so I am right" thing?

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8/22/11 7:34 PM by HexRei

i like how you didn't actually refute anything i said. you just sort of repeated exactly what you said before. cmon corky, i know you can formulate an argument, just use your words.

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8/22/11 7:24 PM by Sierra Nevada

 Ninja, I am 36.  You? Musashi, touche.

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8/22/11 7:09 PM by Musashi

I thought of the people on this board you wouldn't assume that the two are mutually exclusive. Still not sure how you assume that.

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8/22/11 7:03 PM by LayNprayNINJA

His: Money Pride Life Dignity How many cases of false accusations of sexual assault would you like me to source for you? The point is clearly going over your head that it is POSSIBLE she is full of shit. She was too drunk to notice that someone had removed her clothing and inserted something into her vagige, yet she and her friend rememebr everything else so clearly?  Tito was accused of "beating" Jenna....everyone jumped on Tito here, and everywhere else. Turns out he restrained her during a drug binge/freak out, and she was the bad guy in the whole scenario...   

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8/22/11 7:00 PM by LayNprayNINJA

 Probably older than you are. Money makes people do weird weird things. So does revenge/spite/jealousy. To assume, based on an accusation, that all of this information is factually correct is what is immature.

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8/22/11 6:59 PM by Sierra Nevada

 I bet it has to do with his plea.