Miller: I will fight Cerrone before I die

by Kelsey Mowatt | source:

“I’m still extremely interested in fighting him,” Miller said when asked about Cerrone, who stopped Charles Oliveira the same night he submitted O’ Brien. “He was one of the reasons I wanted to stay at lightweight before, but I talked to Joe Silva and it seems like things keep coming up. We both fought around the same time in January, but I ended up getting injured; it was a serious knee injury which kept me out for nine full weeks…Now I thought the timing was perfect because we both fought again on the same night, but here I am on the shelf again.”

“I will fight him before I die,” Miller added. “I’m not ducking him; I don’t like him, it’s going to go down. That’s something I’m going to talk to the UFC about; if I do move to 145 will I be allowed to come up if the cut doesn’t work out, or to get this grudge match out of the way?”

Miller referred to being “on the shelf again,” due to the fact that he broke his hand during his recent UFC Live 5 win over O’ Brien.

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olskool site profile image  

8/25/11 8:48 AM by olskool

Dude,   Its no doubt Im Cole and Micahs biggest fan and Im not going to apologize for it. Im also a HUGE MMA fan in general. For the record, even though Im not perfect and I may have posted something embarrassing in the past in in which i'll be happy to apologize for, there is nothing embarrassing about this post nor does it draw attention to myself.  Conversely, your rant and scree-name pretty much says it all. If you would like to insult each other why dont we do so via PM's so we dont detract from the real message and purpose of this thread, 2 awesome fighters that truly dislike each and want to get it on. T-love 1-love   

buchu8oolong site profile image  

8/25/11 6:19 AM by buchu8oolong

Cerrone looks like he is on a tear lately, but I made the mistake of counting Miller out before. I wouldn't bet against a pissed of Cole. Wanted to the fight for awhile anyhow though.

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

8/25/11 6:10 AM by GargleMyEnemaWater

Wow, it took until the 2nd page for Cole's father to show up and embarrass him, and try to glom some of his attention for himself, lol. A new record!! Anyway, I hope it ends in a draw, that way they can both stand in the cage confused afterwards, trying to figure out if they should both storm around the cage mean mugging & mother fucking everyone, and triggering an episode of Exaggerated Lat Disease which they both usually develop for a few minutes after a win, and in general acting like a drunk at the local bar after he knocks down another drunk, lol. Anyway, can't blame Cole for trying to get off the internet stream and onto the main card. And even though it's a lose/lose for Cerrone since he'd be a large favorite, and has positioned himself for a much bigger fight against somebody who has at least some significance in the division, you can't blame him for taking the low hanging fruit and taking this fight. 155 is so stacked, there won't be many other, if any, opportunities for him to hang such a low risk W on his record. For the record, I'm going with a draw, all 3 judges score it 24-24. Cerrone wins all 3 rounds 10-8, but as usual, can't stop cheating, and gets 2 points taken away each round for his usual low blows and eye pokes. It ends with Rogan unable to interview either of them, due to Cerrone charging around the cage screaming "WHAT!! WHAT!!! WHAT MOTHER FUCKER!!" and Cole stomping around screaming "I TOLD YOU!!!! I TOLD YOU!!!!"

bhealthy site profile image  

8/25/11 1:04 AM by bhealthy

could be a main event, but too close to call imo.

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

8/24/11 5:39 PM by Ramon Maroni

Cowboy destroys Cole

Ironclad site profile image  

8/24/11 5:14 PM by Ironclad

It's amazing how quickly things change. I remember a thread on here some time before Cerrone came to the UFC in which several people were saying Cowboy didn't even deserve to be in the same cage as Cole. Cerrone had to earn the respect he's got here now because he sure wasn't getting much in the past. Cole's a solid, exciting fighter but people have been selling Cerrone short for far too long. It's nice to see Cowboy finally getting some credit.  

ThePoopWizard site profile image  

8/24/11 5:03 PM by ThePoopWizard

His stand ups underrated ? Wiman made him look silly everywhere. And I don't think wiman does much to cerrone.I know it's math but kinda makes sense., Cole is a small Lw looking to fw.Cerrone is a large Lw. Ross Pearson Anyone with solid sub defense and alright wrestling and GNP the poop out of Cole. His lack of wrestling and style lends it self to this out come. Cerrone is striker who emphasizes his wrestling to keep it on the feet with some clean subs.No disrespect to cole he just won't make waves at Lw. Fw will foster better competition untilHe gets to Jose aldos hominicks and mendes's.

Marco808 site profile image  

8/24/11 4:58 PM by Marco808

Why can't he fight him right now, before he reportedly moves down to 145? Is Cerrone too high on the ladder now, or is there something else I'm missing?  Personally, I don't like the move to FW. I think he should try to add some bulk to his frame and stay at 155. But then, he obviously knows his own body better than anyone else. Either way, I like watching him fight and he fights with emotion. Especially loved when he clowned Junie. 

olskool site profile image  

8/24/11 4:51 PM by olskool

  Damn dude, you have over 1000 in 45 days, thats like 26 post a you have a job? Anyway, allmost EVERYONE said Gurgel would sub cole because he was only a "purple" belt.  That didnt happen. No disrespect to Mr. Gurgel he is not only a prince, he's a real stud and tough mo fo, much respect to him btw!   Almost EVERYONE said Cole would be outboxed by Ross Pearson and that Cole couldnt stand with Ross.  Proof Positive ALMOST EVERYONE was wrong again. Cole wins like the real stud he is.....          That said and Truth be told I love Cowboys style. He comes at his opponent and he is a fucking fighter for sure. He is always looking to finish and he gets props for that.   I fuck with COWBOY on here some just because he and Cole have a beef and Im gonna go with family on this one. That said, Cole takes this fight. His standup is underrated and as good as his ground-game is its underrated as well, much better than clown-boys. I believe Cowboy is a lot bigger than Cole, maybe Im mistaken but it wont matter because Cole will win anyway. I hope the fight happens Until then, look for cole to be a contender right away at 145lbs. When the fight with cowboy does occur just know i believe it will be fast and furious. Downright mean. Cole wins by submission. Ill also be willing to throw down some cash on cole. Team miller representing bitches!! War Cole GO ATT  

ThePoopWizard site profile image  

8/24/11 4:30 PM by ThePoopWizard

Lol cerrone would ko him and Im not a cowboy fan boy. Cole isn't going to go any further than gate keeper at Lw or fw