Ryan Bader vs. Jason Brilz scheduled for UFC 139

source: ufc.com

Also agreed to on that same fight card is a second light heavyweight showdown, this one between Jason "Hitman" Brilz and Ryan "Darth" Bader.

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NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

8/25/11 9:01 PM by NarlyPersianDude

Props homey

dahosse site profile image  

8/24/11 3:46 PM by dahosse

Bader OUGHT to destroy brilz. But of the two, one of them is one of THE worst front-runners i've seen in a while. If bader can't win in the first, I don't foresee him making the adjustments he needs to get a win. I do know brilz will be looking for whatever bader gives him until the buzzer sounds or someone gets stopped. Not so much up on brilz as down on bader. Tough guy, good athlete, etc, but fighting is a mental game. I'm not so sure bader wants to be the baddest man in the world as much as he wants to avoid getting a real job.

Ice Cubes on Kiriks Nipples site profile image  

8/24/11 11:56 AM by Ice Cubes on Kiriks Nipples

jesus Bader destroys brillz

GrayKickass site profile image  

8/24/11 11:54 AM by GrayKickass

This is a very interesting fight. It's not an easy win for either fighters, but I have Bader winning via Decision; I wouldn't be surprised if Brilz wins however.

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

8/24/11 11:50 AM by GargleMyEnemaWater

When Zuffa WANTS a fighter to win, they do not book him in fights they think he has much of a chance of losing. They had plans for Bader, and still think he has a lot of potential. They know they have to get him a win here. And Joe Silva is GREAT at picking fights for guys in situations like this.

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

8/24/11 11:13 AM by Gnarls Gnarlington

i don't know if Jones gave Bader his soul back yet. Guess we shall see fight night. Jones lent it to Tito in Baders last fight.

heavyweightmma site profile image  

8/24/11 2:16 AM by heavyweightmma

That's what I though too, I thought it was a draw, everyone though Brilz destroyed Lil Nog for some reason. I was thinking I was the troll.

Rucking Fetard site profile image  

8/24/11 2:15 AM by Rucking Fetard

Bader has this

heavyweightmma site profile image  

8/24/11 2:13 AM by heavyweightmma

It was a joke you know that right, douchebag. I'm not a dick like some people on the UG are. And how do you know Bader is gonna be the better wrestler come fight night? Can you tell the future? And if I had a reason to say troll, it would be the screwed up logic he has. Maybe I should ask you who's gonna win the main event of UFC 159, because you'd probably know. It's a joke, I'm a guy, and am trying to "adjust" a guy's humor onto the UG.

daba site profile image  

8/24/11 1:31 AM by daba

I thought the Bader/Lil Nog was very close.