Diego Sanchez: During pot and booze binge, manager embezzled $170,000

source: mmaweekly.com

TUF season 1 winner and UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez recently spoke with MMAWeekly Radio and shared some history about himself. After Sanchez lost his attempt to win the lightweight title from B.J. Penn at UFC 107 near the end of 2009, he suffered from what he termed a “rockstar life.”

“After I lost the B.J. Penn fight, I lost control. I lost control of life. I had just made my biggest payday and I was just down about the loss. That was my dream to become world champion, and it still is. But it was at my fingertips and the way I lost, getting cut, so brutally cut, I was beat up.

“I took the wrong path. I took the path of partying, and I was just drinking away my sorrows. I was handling the problem the wrong way.”

“I let some bad influences get into my life and it was a downward spiral. It was like a tornado sucking everything in. I let a person that I thought was a friend, a real close friend, someone that would help me with finances, I had him helping me out with stuff. Turned out I got embezzled for over $170,000. He conned me. I got conned so bad. And in the same time when I got conned, I was just wasting the money that I had earned.”

“I knew I had to make that change (returning to New Mexico from California). I moved out to the mountains, 30 minutes outside of Albuquerque. I just changed my whole life. I went from living a rockstar life, which I figured out was just a big lie. It was not true happiness, it sucked me in. It ate me apart.”

“Greg Jackson always told me that if I ever wanted to come back, the door was always open,” Sanchez explained. “That gym was my gym. He said, ‘this is your house, no matter what. This will always be your house.’”

“I was sucked into a life of sin. I was smoking weed, I was drinking, partying, and it just really, truly held me back from my potential.”

“You know what I did? I grew up.

I stopped living that little young life that I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it, and that’s how I want to do it. Now, I’m (living) a different life, a real adult life.”

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Cerrone's Cowgirl site profile image  

8/31/11 12:56 PM by Cerrone's Cowgirl

lulz I would love to see Dan Quinn, Nick Diaz, and Diego in the same room. A single conversation would be good enough... DQ: "...This weed shit - is shit, playa. Remember what I told you about Stevia, playa, it made me a super athlete white boy, playa..." DS: (Takes a hit) mumbling quitely to himself "...yes...yes...yes..."  ND: (looks at Diego funny) "Didn't I fight you or something?" Looks at him, then looks away "People that fight me get slapped, that's just how it is homie. Don't be scared... you heard about Riggs" *coughs* "Right?" (Diaz attacks Diego, Stevia boy takes Diego's wallet that was lying on the floor and runs out of the house)   

TeamRenzo site profile image  

8/31/11 12:44 PM by TeamRenzo

I have burned many blunts inside and outside of clubs

goodandevil site profile image  

8/31/11 12:15 PM by goodandevil

Diego was a well known partier before TUF here in Albuquerque. Asshole when drinking too.

gummbie site profile image  

8/31/11 12:06 PM by gummbie

Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!! Just reading that makes me want to go to the club right now......

whoabro site profile image  

8/31/11 9:37 AM by whoabro

2nd paragraph = truth

Winston Wolf site profile image  

8/31/11 7:02 AM by Winston Wolf

at least half the fighters in UFC smoke weed

Nate C site profile image  

8/31/11 2:05 AM by Nate C

lols I could produce a massive list of all the successful people who smoke/smoked pot, many of them greater minds than you or I. Don't judge something you don't understand.

Jambo888 site profile image  

8/31/11 1:05 AM by Jambo888

live and learn. dirty is a character

texuspete00 site profile image  

8/31/11 12:11 AM by texuspete00

LOL. Just like the comments under the MMAWeely article, I get a kick out of all the potheads running to "defend" it. Diego believes not smoking doobie is part of living a healthy lifestyle. Who cares? It could probably be a ten page article with the same few blurbs about it, and at the end they'd be up in arms! If they still remembered. :)