Julia Budd vs. Ronda Rousey at Nov. Strikeforce Challengers

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Officially/Unofficially announced

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Strikeforce announced on twitter that rising star #9 Unified ranked Ronda Rousey have verbally agreed to fight #6 Unified ranked Julia Budd at a yet to be announced event in November.

Rousey is coming off a quick win over Sarah D’Alelio and is looking to keep her first round submission streak going. Budd has gained some momentum, beating Germiane de Randamie by decision this past June.

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Julia Budd







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torquemada site profile image  

9/6/11 7:51 AM by torquemada

I keep thinking Kaiser Soze.

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

9/6/11 7:30 AM by GargleMyEnemaWater

Wow, she hasn't posted on here since this!! I think this amazingly creative angle won her over!!

Porkchop site profile image  

9/2/11 1:35 AM by Porkchop

Somebodies jealous?

Mayhem_Monkey site profile image  

9/1/11 11:55 PM by Mayhem_Monkey

I love you ronda ... Lol

DoomFarmer site profile image  

9/1/11 11:37 PM by DoomFarmer

LOL @ speaking down to "dweebs" and then going out of your way to try and out white-knight everyone.

The Mongoose site profile image  

9/1/11 11:31 PM by The Mongoose

Big daddy!!! Haha only two to TTT this thread was big daddy and Kirik, gotta love ug

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9/1/11 9:26 PM by Sofa King Goodridge

 TTT !

GargleMyEnemaWater site profile image  

9/1/11 9:25 PM by GargleMyEnemaWater

LOL at Kirik posting on the thread, yet doing nothing about the painfully unfunny, uncreative shutins, and their creepy posts. Which she has already posted that she does not appreciate.

Freakin 10er site profile image  

9/1/11 6:36 PM by Freakin 10er

I've never seen the UG give one fighter such a lop-sided vote of confidence for a fight. Mildly amusing, nevertheless I hope it's a good match

clattymine site profile image  

9/1/11 2:23 PM by clattymine

This time, break that arm.