Tyrone Spong ready for MMA with right offer

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

The world of mixed martial arts is calling and Spong might just be ready to answer. He’s been training in Florida alongside UFC light heavyweight contender Rashad Evans, as well as Danillo and Yuri Villefort, Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante, and their team nicknamed the “Blackzilians.”

Since he’s been helping the team with their striking, Spong has been working on his ground skills to see just how he’d fare if he decided to make the move into MMA.

“I’m just taking one step at a time. I’m very relaxed, I’m here so I might as well train my ground game a little bit. I like a challenge, so I’m working on that. Basically, I like a challenge. If they give me a good offer, the contract is good, why not? I might as well try it. I’m a fighter, fighting’s my job,” Spong stated.

“If the offer is good, I’ll take it.”

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ThatsHowIRoll site profile image  

9/4/11 8:30 PM by ThatsHowIRoll

Voted up! Love Carnage and Spong and their fight was a dream match-up. Just a shame about the bullsh!t no contest due to some of the worst refereeing I've ever seen.  If either of them made the transition to MMA i'd prefer to see them down at MW or LHW, rather than HW. They are both beasts at that weight and are fairly undersized HW's.   Also sounds good on paper but I can't help but remember what happened to JWP when he made the move over and fought Bonello in 07. Wasn't pretty! Good to see the top quality strikers making the move though, Will be interesting to see Cosmo Alexandre after just signing with Bellator

eljamaiquino site profile image  

9/3/11 9:44 AM by eljamaiquino

+1. The Reem is an ADCC Europe champ. Spong will get subbed with a quickness without careful matchmaking...

blueheron20816 site profile image  

9/3/11 12:46 AM by blueheron20816

Whats crazy about this, is that you would think kickboxing would be more popular than MMA, given the average MMA fans attitude towards grappling in fights. Everyone bitches when great strikers get taken down by wrestlers who want no part of their standup. Like I always say, go watch kickboxing then! I love it, and I think if more people were just exposed to it they would love it also. You want a sport where people just stand and slug it out? It exists! lol

dannyglover site profile image  

9/2/11 8:00 PM by dannyglover

I agree high level kickboxing isn't as dominant as wrestling to determine position. I would like to see guys with high level clinch games implement more dirty boxing and clinch in the sport. I feel this is one element of fighting that isn't as represented in the sport as it could be. I honestly think a strong thai clinch could be a very powerful force in the sport.

Cerrone's Cowgirl site profile image  

9/2/11 4:49 PM by Cerrone's Cowgirl

 Sadly, that's true. I come from Muay Thai originally, then I started following and eventually training in MMA and even I have to admit it. To state the obivous, and that is the high level American wrestler is the most dominant style of fighter that can be produced. We can't control where the fight takes place whereas the wrestler can. Are abilities as a striker are negated to a certain degree, the footwork is modified as our the strikes as well. We have to be more fearful of the takedown, which in turn limits us. For example, if you noticed this past Saturday - Shogun was very, very reserved when throwing kicks. Why? Because of the takedown or the fear of it. We have to not only change our styles to be succesful in MMA, but we also have to adapt to the grappling aspect as well - which is a pain in the ass. We have to make more adjustments than the wrestler. The wrestler is already accustomed to the grappling aspect so only a few changes need to be made in order for them to compete in MMA. They are comfortable from the clinch and the numerous positions - whereas as I was only familiar with the Thai clinch. In regards to striking, well they only need to know enough to set up the takedown. Obviously, there are the Cain Velasquez's of the world - that are great strikers in addition to being great wrestlers- but they are few and far between. I'll end it with this,  5 of the 7 UFC champions are wrestlers - the other two are strikers. But still, 5 of the 7.   I hate to say it, but it is a wrestler's world or at least it is under these rules. On another note, BK Viper it's good to see another Thai/ Kickboxing fan on this forum. If you don't mind me asking, are you a fan or do you train? Regardless, what you said is right - and that is Kickboxing doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Sadly, I don't think it will be around for much longer either. 

blueheron20816 site profile image  

9/2/11 4:31 PM by blueheron20816

Except for the fact that a good Kickboxer cannot force his skillset on an unwilling opponent like a good wrestler can. He can easily be taken out of his game, unlike a wrestler. All these people who think a guy with zero grappling experience will be ready in a year or less to defend takedowns, from guys with a lifetime of experience in grappling, are just dead wrong. Its not the same thing.

In Limbo site profile image  

9/2/11 10:20 AM by In Limbo

 you see hudnreds of fighters who have these wrestling credentials from high school and college....."division 1 this.." "state champ that", "Juco champ..." when describing many new and established fighters People were drooling during the beijing games to see which wrestlers would be good MMA prospects...Askren is doing his thing, Cormier also.... professional high level kickboxers should be viewed in the same regard as MMA prospects.....i know a lot of kickboxers are purists and wouldn't even imagine competing in MMA....  but just imagine guys like Andy Souwer and Giorgio Petrosyan getting in the cage, i mean Manhoef, Schilt, Overeem have already done it

crazydave site profile image  

9/2/11 8:21 AM by crazydave

 Dear Dana ... VS.

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

9/2/11 8:06 AM by Fight! UK Online

 I agree with this. Excited to see him fight if he does, but very premature to say that.