Brock's coach: Overeem must be crazy

by Marcelo Barone | source: recently interviewed Brock Lesnar’s BJJ coach, Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros.

Comprido Medeiros: The information I have is that the surgery was a success. You’ll see Brock fighting in high level again. He was well prepared to fight Dos Santos and it was a shame he had to go under this surgery. We’ve tried to avoid it the most we could, but it was the best call because now it’s permanently over. Brock’s goal is to get the belt back.

Marcelo Barone: Have you started sharpening his Jiu-Jitsu?

CM: He’s in vacations in Canada, getting better, but he’s doing great on the trainings and will be great in December. You can love or hate Brock, but you’ll never find his fights boring. He goes there and put on great shows, that’s why he’s so important to the sport. I don’t know about his agenda yet, but I’ll start working with him soon. He’s in great hands for his technical and cardio trainings.

MB: Does Brock talk to you about his return to the Octagon?

CM: He’s a discreet guy, he doesn’t talk much while he doesn’t know what will happen. He gave a statement saying he’d like to fight again, that he wasn’t retiring, after sent a video explaining that. People talk too much, but he’s consistent and behaves the same way he acts. He doesn’t like to get exposed, doesn’t play games to promote himself. He made it clear he wants to become Ultimate’s champion again, he wants that belt. Brock’s motivation was never been disturbed. He did not only say this to me, but to everybody who work with him.

MB: What are you expectations for his fight against Alistair Overeem, scheduled for December 30th?

CM: I think it’ll be good for Brock. Overeem is a guy who has heavy hands, he’ll try to keep the fight up, but when he goes to the ground he has a good foundation. It’ll be an exciting fight, between two big guys, what brings much appeal to the fans. Overeem must be crazy to debut in UFC, because he lost the opportunity to fight in Strikeforce’s GP, but he still is the champion of the event. Brock will be tested once again with a great opponent, who’s the current holder of the belt of one of the biggest organizations in the world. If you stop to look at it, Brock, besides Heath Herring and the Korean (Min Soo Kim), has only fought champion, former champions and Velasquez, who became a champion after defeating him.

MB: Is there any limitation due to his surgery?

CM: I believe he has no limitations because it was a cut on a damaged area, they cut off like 15 inches of his intestine. Besides that, he’s good to go. I didn’t know if it’d be a huge cut that could complicate his life, but thanks’ God the cut was just big enough to bring him a new and healthy life.

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Brock Lesnar fights Alistair Overeem on December 30th, at UFC 140

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Lite site profile image  

9/7/11 11:16 AM by Lite

The fight will be decided in the first thirty seconds. If Brock gets the takedown before he gets hit, he wins. Otherwise, Reem wins.

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

9/7/11 10:39 AM by ALL DAY JAY

I feel trolled by the UG News, again!

joshjitsu site profile image  

9/7/11 10:33 AM by joshjitsu

UG News and Crooklyn are becoming bigger trolls than OMA

RLL site profile image  

9/7/11 10:06 AM by RLL

"but it was the best call because now it’s permanently over."So this means he can not say he isn't fighting at 100% ever again (based on diverticulitis)? It's permanently over means he has no excuse if he loses, right?

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

9/7/11 9:41 AM by Cyril Jeff

nah, here's a current pic of Brock as well...  

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9/7/11 3:49 AM by rowil

Right. Bad habit of mine to post without reading a thread, sorry. ;)

JohnnyChrist site profile image  

9/7/11 3:47 AM by JohnnyChrist

Um that's exactly what everyone reading it is interpreting it as :P

rowil site profile image  

9/7/11 3:44 AM by rowil

I think this is a mistranslation. From the context it sounds to me more like Medeiros meant that Overeem must be very eager to fight in the UFC, not that he's crazy for wanting to face Lesnar.

Enemies site profile image  

9/7/11 12:44 AM by Enemies

Wrong douchetroll.