Roger Gracie: BJJ strategy was 'fatal mistake' in MMA fight

by Marcelo Barone | source:

“I won’t fight at ADCC (at Birmingham, England on September 24th and 25th). I had in mind maybe I wasn’t fighting it, because every time I fought World before fighting MMA I didn’t feel good, I didn’t feel like my body and mind were 100%. It’s too close to risk it. I’m upset about it, but my priority has changed, I’m closer to MMA and leaving Jiu-Jitsu aside a little. In my mind I still want to fight the World, but it’s once a year, and I don’t mind the rest that much”.

“I couldn’t do what I have trained to do ...  I believed in my jab and he (King Mo) wasn’t bringing much danger. When I heard Renzo saying there was a minute and a half left for the end of the first round, I relaxed. I didn’t have enough time to submit him nor take him down, he wasn’t punching me, so I thought I would keep it that way until the second round. That was the first mistake. The second was that he accidentally hit his head against mine, and I got dizzy. I moved backwards, he punched me and I felt. That head was practically an accidental knockout. When I tried to grab him, clinch, his head hit my face and I backed off/"

“I was supposed to work on the clinch, because I wouldn’t risk trying to grab his legs and take him down because it wasn’t the beginning of the fight, so I wasn’t using much energy with no purpose. I was supposed to work on the clinch and take him down. And during the first round I didn’t try to do that, and suddenly I realized the danger he was putting me in.

"Losing is terrible. Nobody likes losing, especially being knocked out. But what can I do? I’ll train so it won’t happen again”.

“The lesson is that in MMA you must be more aggressive and you can’t blink. When I let it go when I heard Renzo saying there was a minute and a half left, it was a fatal mistake. In Jiu-Jitsu you can be taken down, lose a point, but in MMA you can be knocked out."

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DLfromCanada site profile image  

9/17/11 11:39 AM by DLfromCanada

i personally love watching world class specialists in mma over the jack of all trade types--watching this guy on the ground is goldbut his standup is horrendous and imo will not get there in time to ever be a true contender

diggity site profile image  

9/17/11 11:22 AM by diggity

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Sorry- you are usually very cool.

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

9/16/11 9:26 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

Im sorry i was being "uncool" on an internet message boardbrah!!

diggity site profile image  

9/16/11 9:02 AM by diggity

Don't say 'Brah', don't say it and especially don't ever write it. nobody did anything to deserve you saying 'brah'. it's too lame for words...... just don't say brah.... please.... so gay. so bad. so lame.

GCT site profile image  

9/16/11 8:36 AM by GCT

the muay tai seemed to be working a bit , not quite sure why a tall , slow , weak , and inexperienced boxer would box against a proven and stronger striker. You kind of see King Mo working himself up for the attack , Gracie just kept doing the same thing. It was pathetic really , and I don't know why he would blame BJJ since we obviously don't see any of it , or even an attempt to take King Mo down.

Ghengiseanie site profile image  

9/16/11 5:33 AM by Ghengiseanie

This. He seems to have. Truly intelligent mind for the game. Sometimes smarter fighters perhaps lose a modicum of beast mode. But he will definitely be a joy to watch If he keeps his chin tucked and awareness up in future.

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

9/16/11 5:28 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

Also claiming that Roger was winning the round is so laughable that i really dont know what to say. He kept circling into Lawals right hand, he was walking in with his chin straight up, showed zero headmovement and Lawal showed so little fear of his poor striking that he had his hands down by his waistRoger landed 21% of his strikes while Lawal landed 38%So how exactly did Roger win the round?

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

9/16/11 5:15 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

In what fantasy world do you two buttscooters live in where a fighter knocking another fighter out doesnt prove he dominated the standup?Anderson Silva didnt dominate Vitor in the standup either!!

HoomanCan site profile image  

9/16/11 2:07 AM by HoomanCan

What is that large bump on Roger's back? To the left of his spine.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

9/16/11 12:08 AM by Proteus The Invincible

Roger didn't do anything impressive in that round. The whole thing was a feeling out process, with Mo obviously trying to figure out how to land a couple bombs, and Roger jabbing while avoiding the bombs. Toward the end of the round, Mo found his range and he picked up the intensity, and as soon as he did, Gracie was knocked out.